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Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by Robert1955, Jul 23, 2016.

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    Jul 23, 2016
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    After readng the two amazing and wonderful books of Carol Bowman I wondered why always was spoken about past lifes.

    Thus lifes from our human standpoint of view which were experienced in past times (thus earlier as 2016).

    If time has no single meaning from the moment we leave our body, thus from the moment on we die after a life as a human,

    why shouldn't it be a possibillity to come back from an earlier life (not as a relative) we have lived from a time in the future

    as seen from our human standpoint of view (thus later as 2016) ?

    I'm new here and as a start a used the search option to find if such a topic was raised here before, but I couldn't find it.

    It looks maybe a rather stupid question, but it came up with me and stayed.

    Kind regards,


    Rotterdam - The Netherlands
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    You might find this thread on "the future" interesting.
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    Hi Robert

    Welcome to the forum.

    There is no reason why time has to follow a straight line, or our lives move only 'forwards', but it is easier to understand it that way.

    Time is not necessarily linear in my view, but that is how we experience it day to day.
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    Madrid, Spain
    Hi Robert1955, I'll tell you my own theory about this (well, a summary, as it's quite complicated). It may be wrong, but it's what I've concluded after a few years researching reincarnation.

    It is commonly said that "time has no meaning" from the moment we leave our body, but I think this is not exact. Time has only a different meaning. That is, we may have the feeling that it goes faster or slower in relation to the earthly plane, but it's not that we're "out of time" or that "time doesn't exist anymore". Time is subjective, we can only measure it while we're on Earth, and even so it's not always the same. Also, time is closely linked to "space". Space changes when we're in altered states of consciousness (this includes death), as we're suddenly in a non-physical world.

    Many people take the phrase "time doesn't exist in the spiritual world" literally, and this leads them to think that we all live our lives simultaneously, or as you say, that we could travel back in time and reincarnate in what we now call "the past". I don't think this is possible for a number of reasons, though I do believe we can somehow have a "mental acces" to this past from the spiritual world and even "relive" it as if we were alive, but that doesn't mean we can reincarnate in a past time (unless the Earth goes back to a primitive state and it seems we're in the past again, something I wouldn't find unsurprising).

    There will always be time while we can go from a point A to a point B, that is, while there's change. I think that even in the apiritual state, we are always moving and changing, so there will always be things that happened "before" and "after", even when time feels different because we're in a different state.

    I think that if time had truly no meaning in the other side, we could see many more signs here: there would be many more people remembering "future lives", we would probably have more knowledge about future events (we have premonitions, but they usually are weak or inaccurate, even more when we're talking of a distant future), and though I think this sounds quite silly when I say it, we would probably have more ghost apparitions apparently trapped in a "future time".
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    I like this.
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    Hi Eowyn,

    Everything you said is how I understand it as well. (You wrote it so much better than I could have). Very clear, to the point, and makes perfect sense.

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