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Possible past life feelings + recurring dream


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I can't certainly say this is a past life expirience but I'm running out of ways to look at the situation.

For years since I was a young person I have had reccurring dreams of a specific person. There are a few dreams that occur and my appearance is always different from my physical self but consistent in the dreams. The age of my dream self has remained consistent with the male focus of the dream.
The content (or maybe depth?) of the dreams has widened as I became physically mature enough to handle them. For example progressing from only containing the romantic or fluff portion of a relationship (roughly age 11-15) to span more intimate details (16-20's). The romantic events don't alter but the best I can describe it is like seeing more of a film when before your parents always covered your eyes or skipped ahead.

For as long back as I am able to remember I've had a feeling of loss/anticipation. I look around each corner as if expecting or hoping to find this person there. Most of the time this is a subconscious action and not a premeditated thought. As my name might suggest I constantly feel like I'm waiting for a piece of myself that has been lost.
I have lost loved ones and having the same feelings for a person who may not exist is disconcerting. I'd like to get some input on weather this sounds like a legitimate past life experience or if I'm just batty.

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It sounds a lot like a past life experience because of the repetition and depth of emotion. Read around the site and you'll see many have similar experiences. You're not batty. :thumbsup:


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Thanks for the support Mere Dreamer

I've been looking around but could quite find any other accounts where the dream expanded over time.

I'm not sure I feel all that much better confirming but I suppose it gives me a direction to move in and that is good.


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I've had dreams expand over time, but it's usually over the course of a few nights. The couple that took years to expand were very symbolic. I did have one that showed up now and then about being on the deck of a sailing ship. I still don't have all of the details on it because each time only a little more gets revealed. This one just started over the past couple of years. However, for many, many years I've thought that saddest sound in the world is the dying groan of a sinking ship. Hearing timbers crack or boilers explode as you watch one of those majestic beauties begin her final journey, it's very sad.


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Shiftkitty first off love your signature.

I can't imagine have a dream expand that rapidly. I've always been called an old soul but I've only had the single dream. Do you find it jarring when things do come back that quickly?

(anyone else who wants to jump in on this feel free I love multiple perspectives


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Thanks, and no, I don't get jarred by it. I grew up in a family that believed in reincarnation, so it was just expected that memories would come back from time to time.

Sometimes a memory will be disturbing by its very nature, such as the clear view of being a berserker. That was a shocking memory that I tried to end early as it came back, but for some reason my mind insisted on seeing it all the way through. (Let's just say I sarcastically named that life "The Mighty Slayer of Toothless Infants".)

What details of this dream do you feel comfortable with discussing? Emotions? Sight? Sound? Smell? Taste? Touch? Do you have a sense of time or place, like what year it is or where you are?


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Time place ect.

I'm fairly comfortable with most aspects and questions are cool.

Timing: Near the current date (but that may be my brain making the scene more paletable for me)

Location: Wierdly enough an underground coffee shop. The sort of place in a large city where you have to take stairs below street level to even find the door. There is never any markings but I know the name when I'm having the dream.

Feels: It always starts with me walking hard an fast down a road. I know I'm upset at the time because I just had a fight with my parents though I can't recall them and I'm just about in tears.

I head into the cafe because I can remember there is a slam poetry open mic that night. I take up a booth that is "mine" and start on homework for an English class because it makes me more comfortable to focus on the work and blend into the background. For the most part I'm nervous and decide to ignore "the man" when he sits down with me. (I have yet to get a name It's like I know it but my hearing just goes when it's said.)

I ignore him because I feel like I'm way to dumpy/young to be even looking his direction. But he asks to look at my work and it becomes a very long conversation in which I feel most confident because intelligence wise he and I are on equal footing. a little surprising considering he is a college professor on loan from an British school. (cliche I know)

The dream spans several dates over months (if the weather on my way to this cafe is any indication) with a growing sense of comfort and familiarity that one would associate with a romantic relationship.

{apologies for the wall o' text there. I split things here to make them more manageable.


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Time place ect. part 2

The dates are never the kind of extravagant things you would expect from an intimate or even romantic dream. It's just two people talking about day to day and discussing literature.

Exactly the kind of thing I enjoy now.

We exchange books a few times to review each others favorites.

some meetings are planned while others just seem to be one or the other walking to a pleasant surprise.

I know that he in particular smells like blue sage and juniper. and I can remember lots of maple both sugar and silver lining the streets. beyond that I'm a little vague it's been awhile since the last dream


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Try doing a meditation on the bits that you remember. There are various techniques for doing this.

You can go into the emotions of it. Get comfortable and relax. Close your eyes and picture a strong scene in the dream for instance, or one that seems particularly significant. Put your hands on your heart and test how you feel about it.... ask yourself why... and see what else might come up.

Like why were you so angry with your parents? What was that about? Just feel the feelings you felt then and go with what comes up, without trying to force it. The answers are all in there somewhere, it's just a matter of coaxing them out.