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Powers Of The Mind


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Thanks, Chris! This section is a great idea!

This all came about, because of your latest post of a 1992 BBC Wales series, entitled "In Search of the Dead". This thread is specifically dedicated to Part 1, "Powers of the Mind", which explores such things as remote viewing. There has been significant research in telepathy, precognition, Near-Death Experiences and After-Life Communication, which all seem to suggest, at least, that Consciousness may exist beyond the physical constraints of the physical brain.

Does any of this impact on your belief in the possibility of Reincarnation?


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Most of the videos I post in here reinforce my belief in reincarnation John. But if I didn't have my own memories and experiences to reflect on, I'm not sure if I would be as skeptical as the majority of the people out there seem to be. I've always got an open mind towards anything 'paranormal'. Besides, what is paranormal? Phenomena that is normal, and when we can't fully understand it, or scientifically explain it, we stick a 'para' in front of it and then things like reincarnation are lumped together with Bigfoot, UFO's and the Loch Ness monster .... no wonder people don't take it seriously! :D Reincarnation is a perfectly 'normal' occurrence to me :)


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ChrisR wrote in part: "Reincarnation is a perfectly 'normal' occurrence to me".

A BIG thumbs up to that! :thumbsup: