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Question about "Family Groups" and "Friend Groups"


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I have heard that people tend to reincarnate in "family groups" meaning that you are always going to reincarnate with the same set of souls but each time with different roles (i.e. you might be your father's mother in one life and their child in another). I partly understand why this might be but is it possible also to reincarnate with certain "friend groups" meaning you might have been friends one life but in another you are a subordinate of another. Does that make sense?


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Hi weshinetogether,

I don't believe we always reincarnate with the same immediate family members, nor do I believe we always reincarnate with our "soul family," or those souls who are closest to us.

In my experience, the deepst soul connections I have in this life aren't with my biological family, who are all new souls to me. The resonation and vibration between us is very different from those who I have been with before. I think this has allowed me to experience things on a very different level than being with souls I know.

I do believe that we share many different roles with those souls we are closest too - but it can be anything from immediate family, to someone special passing through our lives. The possibilities are endless ;)



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Perhaps the place where I read that was not reliable. I'm just trying to understand a certain feeling and I'm having trouble finding answers.


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I have found remembering what role people in my life has been a key to understanding and working towards some important insights about myself. I think the role we take reflects the part of us that is calling for some attention. And then it is up to us to grow up and learn what love is beyond these familial/ friendly ties.

I have been aware this life of several family " groups" I do wonder that eventually they will overlap more. I know now not to push beyond my karmic plan and try and stick to the right side of the plans as learning is a long time affair and should not be rushed.

I believe I rushed into a life full of personal desires and personal agendas , in too much of a rush and the " not being willing to listen to those more wise than I " lead to some stress.

I wonder that the reason you become a subordinate in another life with that previous friend is because the friendship has its shallow roots. I found this with my mother who had me a position of being subordinate to her { she being the torturer} , another her subordinate to me as my slave and then another life as a freind where we ended up dating the same two timing man [ my present father } reflected our lack of personal character strength.. And so our freindship was shallow and we both needed to take some personal action. It does make sense how we react and I am learning to see how I need to take responsibility for my own self and really be my own best friend first..

I wonder if how we remember makes a big difference to the breakthroughs we can make. I am just thinking of my own memories and which came first.?? I have not figured out whether the memories came in the historical time line.?? At one point I felt I could have done regressions and rememembered how my whole journey went .. ie remembering each consecutive life. But I felt deep down this was wrong as it went against the real reason and work required to truly get the spiritual benefit from doing regressions. And so I stopped ,,



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weshinetogether said:
I partly understand why this might be but is it possible also to reincarnate with certain "friend groups" meaning you might have been friends one life but in another you are a subordinate of another. Does that make sense?
I think that with reincarnation, anything is possible. Although we incarnated humans like to create rules which seem to control how reincarnation works, so that reincarnation makes sense to us, I really don't believe that there are any hard and fast rules about who you reincarnate with, any more than there are rules governing how soon you reincarnate, or anything else.

By your question, I'm going to hazard a guess that your boss was a friend in a prior incarnation. It's certainly within the realm of the possible. You might find that next time around (or later in this life if you recall the proverb about being careful whose toes you step on) that your boss will be your subordinate.



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Family and Friends?

I certainly think it is possible, by mutual consent of all involved, for friends and family to hang out together. I also think it is possible that we can, if we choose, hang out with someone different for a change.

It could be that certain "karmic debts" hold a person to a certain group, and when that karma as been "worked through" or outgrown (I don't believe karma impels us i any way) then perhaps it is best that we move on to a different group, or possibly even to spend some time solo.

If we "advance" more quickly or more slowly than others in our group, might the group not naturally fall apart as members realign themselves with new groups?

(Or does the idea of "advancement" even make any sense in the cosmic perspective? Maybe we are all perfect already and we reincarnate just for fun. Nobody has proven that to be untrue, and I personally think the "just for fun" explanation makes as much sense as any other.)

Anyway, I have one good friend who agrees with me that we have shared a few past lives, and one of my three kids was with me in a previous life, although I'm pretty sure none of my grandchildren ever were. (Although my newest newborn granddaughter just might be one of my late aunts. Time will tell.)

Above all, when asking questions like this remember that almost everyone has an opinion, and a significant number of people like to state their favorite opinions as if they were fact. So always keep an open mind about what is possible, and always be skeptical of pat answers.

And, if you should be lucky enough to remember this life in your next life, well, then time will tell, won't it?


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I believe that I've come to be with some people in this life due to karmic debts. I can almost see it playing out as time goes on. I have actual past life memories of the souls who are currently my dad and little sister, and of my current husband. I have no PL memories of my mom, my children or my first husband. That doesn't mean we're new at being here together. I just can't remember it.

I've also met several total strangers who I shared an instant connection with and I believe stem from past lives.

I think as we move through life, it's a little bit of both - having souls in your life who you've been with before and also interacting with new ones to your "group".

I like the thought posed earlier too about souls who progress faster and possibly moving on from a "group" into a new group. I'll have to think on that one.


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Hi Alaska,

Alice Baily claimes there are 7 heavens....Seth claims souls go to different dimensions.

Allan Kardec also claims that spirits are at different hierarchy of rank according to the degree of purification which they have attained.

So these people all claim that as you make progress you move up to a higher rank or dimension....leaving some others behind who may be staying in the same place repeating a lesson not yet obsorbed into their consciousness.

I guess we will all find out...grin....


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fiziwig said:
Above all, when asking questions like this remember that almost everyone has an opinion, and a significant number of people like to state their favorite opinions as if they were fact. So always keep an open mind about what is possible, and always be skeptical of pat answers.
Good advice as always, fiziwig.



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I agree with what has been written here too. I get an overwhelming feeling of kinship with certain other people and they are not always immediate family. I know my two sons now were my two sons in 1906. The cosmic reasons, the karma and the lessons are, for me, wonderful. I live in a very remote farm/ranching community. There are 300 people here and most all are descendants of the original German immigrants of the 1870s. Most everyone can find a common ancestor if you dig deep enough. All that said, I have often sat in church on Sunday morning or at funerals, weddings and other occasions and felt an incredible sense of belonging to these people. A kinship beyond the normal. To me it is a spiritual belonging, and I'm certain there must be a long deep past life history to us. But like Fiziwig said this is only my understanding and it's truth simply... mine. The laws, trends and ways these truths play-out is purely subjective for now, although many come to report the "truth." I'd urge you read and study all of the literature out there on the subject.

Great to see you again Fiziwig...we've missed your wisdom (and smiling face!)!!



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Soul family

Hi WeShine,

I was even wondering what is 'a soul family' before going to this forum tonight and more special how should I interpret this visually in the afterlife.

(I've read somewhere sometimes whole soul families are ready to reincarnate. I personally think they've got to work out something on earth together that not has been worked out, simply said.)

One can be of the same soul family but not being family on earth. I know some very old soul to be a distant member of my soul family. But I don't even know how big one's soul family can be.

As life is a surprise ;) maybe It'll tell me!


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Great thread! In my experience with viewing pastlives and the other side not all of our Soul Family incarnates into your current or even all of your past lives. Sometimes A,B and C come in but you don't see D, E or F for a few lifetimes --then they show up. I think of it more as shuffling a deck of cards, sometimes you get a Full house and sometimes it's just a pair of 2's! ;)

Also take into account what you want to work on in this life as to 'who' shows up with you. We probably never see ALL of our Soul Family at one time.

We see them sprinkled in among our pastlives instead.



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My own personal analogy (and I may be way off base here, just thought I'd share) is that each lifetime is like a regular day, and each body is a change of clothes. Usually we have the same taste in clothes from day to day so our faces/bodies tend to resemble each other (but not always, there are days when one might want to really look spiffy, then there are casual Fridays! :laugh: )

There are certain people we see pretty much every day, like work colleagues and family members, and I think there are people we keep running into from one lifetime to another. I believe I've met many such people in my own life. And of course just as in our Earthly life there's people we don't see every day that we still care very deeply about, there may be people we don't remember from past lives that might pop up in this one and make a really big impact when they do!


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You have a core soul group consisting of friends you have spent many many lifetimes with and will spend many many more lifetimes with. These friends can come back with you as a close friend, lover, mother, brother, child, etc. The role doesn't matter.


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Can villages reincarnate?

What I'm wondering...

Could it be that whole villages (the people) can reincarnate and become another village maybe in another country...sooner or later...?