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Recommended Sites for Research


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Here is an excellent list of resources for those wishing to do some research:

Carol Bowman's Past Life Center

Carol Bowman's Library

Roger Woolger's site

Brian Weiss

Henry Bolduc

Ian Stevenson - Jim B. Tucker

Dr. Charles Richards

Helen Wambach Ph.D

William Buhlman

Elisabeth Hallett

ChildSpirit Institute

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Forum Staff said:
Dear members and guests,
The Internet can be an overwhelming resource, especially if you are just beginning to research the possibilities of reincarnation. There are numerous sites in cyberspace that discuss the topic of reincarnation. Because of this, Forum Staff has linked you to the best - and most reputable researchers in this thread for your convenience.

If you are looking for good books to read about reincarnation, Carol recommends the best on her website in the reincarnation bookstore. Other recommendations are listed in the book section.

If a website is filled with a large assortment of paraphernalia for sale, or the owner is promoting themselves as a prophet or special, if they present reincarnation as a religion, or label their opinion as fact, we suggest you look for another site.

We wish you the best on your search, and hope we have provided you with the best information possible to help get you started on your journey.


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Historical Reference Links & Resources for Past Life Research

A compilation of historical resources and links to assist you in your past life research. Thank you to the members who posted the links and offered their assistance with creating the list. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Period Clothing Links

Medieval Costumes

The Costumer's Manifesto - Ancient Egypt


Genealogical Resources

JewishGen:The Home of Jewish Genealogy

Cyndi's List

Family Search

Ellis Island Records

German genealogy

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Native American Tribal Records


Birth, Marriage and Death records for England and Wales starting from 1837

Art & Photography

Shorpy (American photographs 1850 - 1950)

Ancient Faces - a genealogical photo database

Dead Fred - a genealogical photo database

Early Dutch Photography (1839-1860)

Web Gallery of Art - from 1100 to 1850


Hidden Lives (Britain)

CGFA — A Virtual Art Museum

Art reproductions, oil paintings and portraits

Intaglio Fine Art

WWII Photographs

WWI Photographs

The New York Public Library Picture Collection Online


Xerox Language Identifier

TravLang - Translating Dictionaries and Languages

Word Origins (Linguistics/Etymology of Words)


Foreign Language Links

Dutch National Library (history & manuscripts & literature)

Dutch Baby Names This site isn't available in English, but if you click on Nederland and Amersfoort, you'll get a list of Dutch baby names from the 16th till the 19th century. Meisjes = Girls & Jongens = Boys

Dutch Historical Photographs & Graphics Zoek = Search


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Would it be OK to post a link here that could be useful for research without contacting moderators first?
Yes, administrators advised it’s fine to post a useful research link here. Personal sites should go to your own signature line.[/QUOTE]
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