Reincarnation Within Bloodlines and Odd Regression Experiance

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    I have had an odd attraction to Tudor history for a long time and it has intensified as I had got older. I don't want to go into mass detail but I have felt some emotions to certain figures during this time period and felt at home in certain buildings such as one I visited recently just felt safe and warm even though my partner commented on how cold it all felt. Well, I thought I had an idea who I might be from this time period. However, when researching my family tree, I found out that a person is a distant ancestor of mine (very many times removed great-grandparent). The place I also felt so at home was also the home of other ancestors I have. I now don't know if these feelings are genuine connections to a past life or a calling/memories/connection to my ancestors. Is it possible it could still be a past life but my soul kept within the same bloodline?

    Another Question I had a past life regression many moons ago and at the end of the regression I was asked to say sorry to someone I had wronged in that life. I was a father who had committed suicide after my family either died or left me. The person I had to apologize to was my son who was some form of a leader in that countries military and because he was unable to mentally cope with my death and leaving him behind he became a mean, cold-hearted person who hurt a lot of people because he always felt alone. Physically I was crying and, as I look now, I apologized to him (he looked how he did when he passed) and I had to explain what I had learned from that past life and how I would use that to change my current life and I promised to not do the harm I did to him again. Then we shook hands, he gave me a coin (which I used to validate the experience) and I was asked to wake up for lack of a better word. What was this? What was with the handshake and why did I have to do that? To this day I can't explain it and although I don't know why as he never said it (he only spoke of the pain I had caused him and his guilt for the acts he committed) but I also got the feeling that he has not reincarnated since that life and I wonder if I needed to apologize before he could? Any insight into this could be a big help.

    Thanks for reading even if you can not help.
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    Hi Alisanne. I'm related to my tenth century self but its so far back in time its not unusual. Is the Tudor period so recent as to have an ancestral connection be so unusual? I'm not sure. I haven't counted the generations.
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    I can relate to feeling a strong connection to historical figures and particularly to the meh part. Er, not very likely. Then I realized a look-alike. And felt relieved. What if that person just was an ancestor? Possible he had an unrecorded child (come on, most "noble" or "famous" people had affairs and such) and somehow... made me feel relieved. Now this guy interfered with a vizualization and appeared in two of my dreams lately, well... now, this is about you. When you can't be sure about your accurate ID/can't validate you were exactly that person, you can go and search for patterns instead. Or similarities in personality. Similar issues. Like how this person felt about their relatives, friends, the work they did, how did they react to something... You can check if you recognize anything from the place where they lived (which can be hard after several centuries). What ever helps you. And then, a FPL IS possible. Not very likely, but they reincarnate, too. Fame or being upper-class doesn't make a person an elightened saint (most likely not), so they WILL reincarnate. What does your heart say? Your Higher Self and Spirit Guide?

    That regression was with a professional therapist, right? The handshake might have been symbolic. You had to apologize to be able to deal with your own guilt and carry-overs so that you can leave them behind.
    As for if he needed to apologize so that he can reincarnate, no idea. All I know is what I have learned from other people's experiences as well as my own. Could be, of course. While regressions usually are for YOU and you don't really travel back in time, maybe this gesture has somehow reached him so that now he can prepare for another life that hopefully will be less tragic.

    EDIT: I don't remember the exact numbers, but I was surprised how high the chance is to be an actual descendant of ANY historical figure. After 50 generations it's already 50 per cent or so. 10 or so after 20 generations. Over 90 when you go back to the Stone Age. Saw something about this at TV. You have a chance of over 50 per cent that any famous person from Ancient Rome is a faint blood relative! Not that much for the Tudors, but still possible and not THAT unlikely.
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    SeekerOfKnowledge, you are absolutely right. My mother was very into genealogical research and she used to say that almost everybody in this country was related to our Royal House somehow, just a matter of digging deep enough. Not officially, of course. Our Royal figures used to create offspring like rabbits. I don't remember what our connection was supposed to be because I am not a real royalty fan, so I forgot.
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