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Shaar Hagilgulim - Kabbalistic work on Gilgul, concept of reincarnation

Hello, AjayO. I've always been interested in Kabbalists' teachings of reincarnation. Your links are a lead, but what do you know? Is your interest only passing? Or are you tuned into it in a deeper way? Thanks for posting, ~Tman
Hi Tman,

I have read online articles re Gilgul, but never tried to delve into the source materials. Mostly, I was interested in general articles from Jewish believers citing scriptures they believed pointed to reincarnation (gilgul) in the Old Testament. However, your comment inspired me to do a bit of online searching, which led to discovery of a fairly recent online English translation of "The Gate of Reincarnations" available in the Internet Archive:

I thought you might be interested as well. (I'm going to try to get through it myself, though it appears to be fairly "dense" reading). Still, I think it will be worth the effort.

I am no expert, but for people generally interested, I would suggest the following three videos from a Jewish Rabbi. What you will find is distinctively different from the usual view of reincarnation, but very interesting none-the-less: