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Songs You Are Listening To -- Part II


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The first Songs thread was removed for technical reasons, and it was cluttered with bad links. So, we'll start a new thread. ~T


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Almost Halloween and I had to watch this, from 1982:

Michael Jackson - Thriller

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If I ever get to creating again, I think a Spirited Away style setting in one of the nearby abandoned amusement parks would be cool. There's two near where I live: Dogpatch, abandoned long before I ever got to visit, and Celebration City, that I used to visit all the time before it shut down in 2008. I've always been drawn to the abandoned places. I think lots of people are, otherwise youtube channels about abandoned exploration wouldn't be so popular.


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Not a song but it is a really good sound...especially at 4:38
Also a recipe I must try as soon as possible.