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Songs You Are Listening To -- Part II

Italo-Greek musical group Klama of Salento (South-East Italy) sings about fathers and husbands who have to go to work far North to earn money for their families...
Hi Cyrus,

Your favorite above is remarkably similar (in terms of visual and dramatic elements) to a long time favorite of mine:

Here it is with the Russian subtitles and some translations:


Russian upper classes?

When Napoleon was in Moscow, his closest people were unspeakably surprised to find out in what an exuberant luxury and overcare the Russian upper classes lived in that epoch. Yes, they posessed serfs, whom they bought and sold like cattle, yet at the same time, they were so patriotic, that when the French troops approached, they all fled, together with their enslaved countrimen.

Things that I cannot make coexist in my head.

The voice in that song seems a woman's, but I wonder, why the adjectives the singer uses stand in the feminine (in the Russian Grammar the adjectives have gender and number, just like in the Spanish/Italian and partly in the German Grammars).

I mean, when that voice sings smth. like 'my darling', the words 'my' and 'darling' stand in the feminine form, i.e., it looks like a love song from a woman to another woman. Hm-hm-hm.

Oh, those Russians.

Just couldn't resist not exposing my PL nostalgia once again.
Such landscapes, as below, you'll never find in Spain, where cypresses are believed to be Trees of Death (for their foliage being of such dark colour), and only grow in cemeteries here - something I really miss in any Spanish landscape...

Wish you all the best, pal. Take care.

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