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Songs You Are Listening To -- Part II

cloud potato

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As I reflect on the mental health crisis around the world and angry young men in particular- this song was playing... It's so fitting. Like a prayer in music:
No man no cry by Jimmy Sax


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Think this is appropriate. I'm researching my Confederate (CSA) American Civil War lifetime and listening to this among others.

Eva x

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"I'll start this trip with you" by Andrea Bocelli.
...Countries I've never seen and never lived there - I'll live there now with you,
I'll start this trip with you on a ship by the seas that I know they don't exist...
With you I'll live there again...
...With you !
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My Dad has been gone 30 years now. This song makes me feel so nostalgic,
From 2015

Jewel ft. Dolly Parton - My Father's Daughter