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Soul assignments

The soul, naturally, is supposed to reincarnate with some sort of choice. The soul "assignments" are not natural nor are they from divine beings. It is a natural process that is being interfered with by living men who know how to use power. https://4dforum.org/case-study-11/
Why was the soul of James Huston assigned to the body of James Leininger? What is the rhyme and reason? Is it random? Is it forced by Spirit Elder that thinks he knows better?
I don't know why James III chose his current environment, nor the family he has today. I can only tell you why I chose my family and my environment.
I came to a family (I can tell you that I chose a family) that understood me and made me feel "at home", even in the midst of my traumas and the CPTSD that, as James, I carried from my past experiences and traumatic death 80 years ago. Why did I choose this place quite far from my previous experience? because, in addition to my family, I came with a group of fellow travelers who settled in this place, where, after a brutal experience in a place where we lived a war that claimed the lives of millions, we chose a slightly calmer path. Even if many of my traveling companions today are or have gone through different military experiences in this life, we are not in a country that lives in a permanent state of war. I myself tried to "recreate" my life as a soldier until I was 19 years old. After that, I discovered, in a rather hard way, that my purpose should perhaps go through a different route. The fact of having made this "break" with a military experience made me develop other aspects or facets of my soul, where I could learn to live a different path, less primary, going deeper. Without a doubt, I do not consider myself an "elevated" soul, but I do try to live an experience far away from weapons. As I mentioned, I have many friends who have been in the Army and Air Force during this period of time, which seems very good to me, since it is the experience that they chose, planned, and came here to do.
I don't believe we are "assigned" to this life. Rather, I believe that we program, in general terms, an existence according to what we want to develop as souls, and at the end, when we cross the threshold, we evaluate what we have achieved, and take time to program an eventual return, here or elsewhere in the future.
At this moment I'm an 58 years old man who is still trying to enjoy discovering the sandbox of life, a place where I came to learn, interacting with a bunch of other players. A place to learn how to be, how to grow, and how to transcend.
I believe you when you say you chose your family. However, not everyone is allowed this freedom.
And what about self-regulation? :D😂 Carol Bowman has documented a lot of same-family reincarnations. I presume that in such cases the individual was in control when choosing to go back again.
My experience has been non western people often reincarnate with the same families, often in the same places. This isn't surprising to me, as familial bonds seem more important to more "ethnic" cultures. The more "modern" the culture, the more a sense of independence I've seen in where and into whom that person choose to reincarnate.

So my indirect anecdotal experience would put the locus of choice within the person.
I almost certainly didn't choose this.
It's not even that my life is bad, objectively speaking. But it's wrong. It doesn't feel like it belongs to me.
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We do not possess the skill set of reincarnation. We do not know how to dive into an embryo and hang on to its nervous system for the duration of 80 years. We would not choose it especially since the Amnesia would destroy us and replace us rather than enhance us. It's being forced. The only reason why you remember past lives is unauthorized leakage.

Are you going to fight it so it doesn't happen again?