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soul recognition and its important in forming friendships


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I thought of this topic after receiving a letter from a friend the other day. To give a little background, we met 3 years ago at a local womens' group, and I liked her from the start. Before long we felt comfortable enough with each other to share our thoughts in a meaningful way. But we never really saw each other a lot, in part because we were at different stages in our lives and also because we both had husbands who constantly talked about moving away. I know I had this sense of why bother getting really close, they'll only be going away soon. (I'd already had had to say good-byes to close friends in 2 other towns in recent years when we moved.) Sure enough, they moved across the country the next year and we moved away earlier this year.

I still miss her and she misses me too. I didn't know much about reincarnation when I met her but always felt that she was someone I'd known from a past life, there was that level of familiarity.

In another town I used to live in, I remember my reaction to meeting a woman for the 1st time: I felt like there was a burst of energy, like something was passed between us. A sense of recognition perhaps? Well, she went on to be my closest friend in that area. A couple of years later I happened to mention to her that I'd felt that "something" between us when we'd met, and she said she felt it too! Turned out that she also believed in reincarnation.

Now I'm in a new town and hoping to meet a "soul sister" again - a woman I can get that sense of connection with. Oh, I've met a lot of nice people and am getting to know them better, but somehow I get a feeling of closeness easier and deeper with a few people, and that's what I looking for. I used to think there was something wrong with me, that I was being too fussy about who I hung around with, but now I wonder if soul recognition plays a factor in the friends we make and the depths of our friendships.

What have been some of your experiences in making friends and if you felt they had a connection with you via reincarnation? Did certain people just seem to resonate with you and did you know why?

I guess I'm looking more for a discussion of platonic relationships rather than romantically-charged ones, but welcome all thoughts on this topic.


Romantic or platonic I tend to know them at first sight, if not before! I started waiting for Paul the first time I ever heard someone mention his name. It is HIGHLY possible I first saw him the day he was born, because my mother was in the hospital the August he was born, and for some reason I took to hanging out at the maternity ward! Rae I knew as soon as she walked out of a bar door, a week or so before we met. The same experience happened with John. And Damon - his murdered girlfriend contacted me a few years before I first saw him, and when I first saw him, he was married to a young woman I had known was once my daughter! Or something else might have happened....

They come out of the woodwork all the time!

I think Jeff, the young man seated next to me in the photo linked from the Member Bios? thread, was also once a family member. When friends told me that another performer (and yet another past life acquaintance) at the Renn Fair had met someone new, I spotted him in a crowd and asked "that him?". Yes. I knew then she would marry him; that was a year ago, and they are now engaged. At the party where they met, it was a matter of love at first sight.

Love or like, it's always been the same way for me. And I know it's all because I met these people before. I am extremely shy of people I haven't met before, and even if they are really great, I am never truly able to break the ice with someone I haven't known!

Fortunately, apparently, I have a huge circle of friends!
BishopK, from the dream you had recently, I'm pretty sure someone of your circle is going to show up. You never know when or where, but a new close friendship will come your way where you are...


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I have a friend that I met several years ago. We lived near eachother for about 5 years. She then moved away. I moved to CA last year and just happened to be near her. Unfortunately I didn't get to spend much time with her and now I have moved back home.

Anyway, I think of her as my "real" sister. I have an older sister but we never had that kind of relationship. My friend and I have different opinions on many issues...and she can be rather opinionated...but we're still happy to be friends and both have grown from our relationship. I definately know that we have spent time together before this incarnation.


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Thanks for the replies! Speruoc, you're lucky that your soul circle is so big - mine apparently is much smaller! So yeah, I do feel lonely until I get that sense of familiarity and connection with someone. I hope you're right about meeting someone soon, that would be nice. In the meantime I guess I'll just work with what I have!


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Hi bishopk,

I have had a few people that the energy/vibration between us -- is so familiar that even though we may not talk to each other for a month or two -when we do it's like we didn't miss a day.

One woman lives in Ohio, we met on a forum. We have now met in person two times and talked on the phone every month or two. She is a wonderful person.

She had a psychic do a reading on her, which revealed a life time in England in the mid 1600's -he gave names, and specific situations. She was a boy/man whose father owned an Inn. Her best friend worked in the Inn and he gave names - Samuel and Kayln. They both became cabin boys and Kayln a sailor later on. Samuel stayed in England and ran the Inn.

He also told her that a woman she knew was this friend. Well..what makes it so extraordinary is that I had pages and pages of documented memories of my life in England, as a young boy working in an Inn, my name was Kayln. I had these memories written down - from years before I even met my friend.

What is so interesting is that she also has had visions of her life then that validated the psychic reading and when we are together -it's like a flood gate - I start to get images..and before I can tell her everything that I see.....she finishes the vision. Right down to specifics.

Nothing I like more - than shared experiences - for validation. ;)


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I sometimes wonder if my soul circle is not perhaps small but in another geographical place. Speruoc mention the ren faire, which strikes me as a GREAT place to find past life acquaintances, especially from that era. I also LOVE ren faires.

But I have always felt drawn to Canada. Somewhere on this forum I think I read that most people reincarnate within 30 miles of their last incarnation, and often within 30 years. I think you would find soul groups tend to be in certain locations. Not all (I'm way off!) The one really good friend who knew me from a PL at our first meeting was a woman I met in Canada. Now that my daughter has helped me place the exact town where we lived (in Canada), I am planing to go back sometime. Perhaps it will be nice to visit, but also, I can't help wondering WHO I will meet. But maybe if I went to a ren faire in Canada? Whoa! The possibilities!



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I also haven't really connected with anyone here since I moved last year. And where I lived before (moved there with ex-husband), I think they have all reincarnated from civil war era... not too friendly! (I was born in the "North" in this incarnation!) But I do feel free to move again. I am starting a new business, and it can be done from anywhere. Even Canada...

But I do understand about feeling lonely with out those soul connections.


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Deborah - what a great story, and just about what I'd expect from you! It would be awesome to have that level of awareness with a woman friend - just a nice sense of closeness and sharing - and to where it came from! Wow!

Marg - good luck on your search for soul friends too! Like Speruoc said, someone nay come along when you least expect it.

At any rate,I'm going to work on expanding my opportunities to meet potential friends and hope that something will come of that.


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Yes, I have a couple of "soul sisters". In fact they are more sisters than my sisters.

I also have a platonic relationship with a male friend who I feel I have known forever.

Why is it that we have so much trouble with cross gender friendships?

Souls are not gender specific, or are they?

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That sounds almost exactly to me and one of my friends, Bishopk!!! I have many friends, but there is this one friend of mine in particuliar who I feel a very close connection to. I used to think, "why is this?" I have several friends, but I only have this feeling with this one friend.

The thing is, she and I got around to talking about it at random one time, and she said she felt the same thing about me. That "special connection."

The other thing is I later found out that she, too, believes in reincarnation (when we were talking about guys, actually! ;)After I knew about her belief in reincarnaton, on another occasion is when we got into a brief conversation about the "special connection."


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let me first say good luck to you in a searh for friends. when i read your post, i knew exactly what you were talking about as far as being picky in who you choose to become close to. i've lived in new york city for the past year, and it's a very isolating place (wonderful, but lonely). while my husband is truely my best friend, i haven't met anyone that i could feel close to in any way, and lately i've felt like i've been too stuck in my past.

after reading your post, i thought about my closest friends...we're all in different cities now, but always make an effort to get together. and now that i think about our meetings, it was an instant comfort to talk to them. they were all people who i had no trouble opening up to, and normally this is a big chore for me.

i'm not too sure about any of this (reincarnation or anything beyond what is here and now), but i come back here because i want to believe there's something. and reading posts like yours that i can relate to allows me to be reminded that maybe i have had experiences i can build on. i'm really hoping that all of this isn't just becaue people want to believe it's true, but that it is true.

anyhow, like i said before; good luck!


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Jwine, your experiences seem to be similar to mine! The 3 women friends I feel closest to are from the 3 different states I've lived in before, so I hardly ever see them, and we're all busy with family ties, so I don't hear from them very much either. I really appreciated that the one friend actually sat down and wrote me a letter! She's a real sweetheart and I'm sorry we didn't become closer while we lived in the same town. Like I'd said, the timing was off.

I can't say for sure if it's all PL-related; I like to think so, at least for the one friend that I "felt" something with when I first met her. I thought it was significant that she said she felt something too.

I've been in contact lately with a woman I'm getting to know at my daughter's school; she's a teacher's aide and a couple of her kids go there too. I've seen her come and go and talked to her a little at a recent PTO meeting. She seems nice. Anyway, she came up to me after school one day last week and said her 3rd-grade daughter has been having a hard time making friends in her class. She's quite short for her age and you know how kids are - they pick up on who seems different somehow and turn their backs on them. So this woman wanted to know if her daughter could play with my daughter after school sometime. I suppose she might have thought of my daughter because she's new to the school but I was pleased that the woman had thought of her. I told the woman that would be fine and that I could use some new friends too, so I hoped I could get to know her better! So maybe this is the start of a nice friendship!


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Wow! This is an interesting thread! I thought I'd bring it up again so the new members could add their thoughts.

Deborah, I loved that story about Kayln, and your connection to your friend. Are you still in contact with her? If so, do you feel your connection has grown more with time?

I have many "friends" and love being around people, but there are only a few extra-special people in my life that I want/need/love to be around all of the time. They understand me implicitly without words or long explanations. Their love and mine are unconditional, always nurturing and supportive. I would do anything for them anytime they needed me.

They are the people that light up your life, by just being in it. I am very grateful and blessed to be with them again. ;)



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I seem to have problems keeping new friends around. We hang out, sure, but then slowly start drifting apart, stop with the phone calls and then eventually everything. It's kinda frustrating because it always seems like I'm the one who tries the most to keep connections alive.


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Hi starchild,

starchild said:
It's kinda frustrating because it always seems like I'm the one who tries the most to keep connections alive.

I can understand how that might frustrate you! I think that "drifting apart" happens quite frequently, especially considering how very busy most people are these days. ;) With new friendships, a lot of the time one person is working harder than the other at maintaining that friendship. I think it's different with a soul connection, because although you may not have time to speak to that person in months, the moment you do reconnect, it's like you were never apart. ;) Hopefully, you'll meet up with some of your soul friends soon!

Good luck!



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I have a couple. In fact just last weekend, I ran into one that I always knew I'd see again. We were friends in High School and sorta after that, we had a 10 year friendship. He is a male, and though we once tried to date, we always seemed to have bad timing. I hadn't seen him in about 15 years, and when I did, it was like yesterday. I always feel like we will end up together in our golden years.

I have a girlfriend who is like that too. We've been friends since elementary school, and while other friends in our group have come and gone, we've always been friends. We rarely see each other anymore, but when we do, we laugh and laugh and just have a great time together.

Recent friendships though, we're tight for years and then poof, just gone.
It's kinda sad. I could use some real life girl friends to be around once in a while.


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bishopk's question is one that always fascinates me.....I love hearing stories about soul connections ;)

What have been some of your experiences in making friends and if you felt they had a connection with you via reincarnation? Did certain people just seem to resonate with you and did you know why?

Does anyone else have something to share about the special friendships in their lives?



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I have a few things to share.. this topic has been on my mind lately, as I feel as though I have recently met someone I knew before (last week).
It is so strange when you met someone you knew before. I always feel a very subtle "jolt" of some sort, on a core level. You see their face for the first time and something vibrates within you, at least it does with me. Like a surprise recognition! As Im getting older, Im better able to pick up on it. And then, of course, I am immediately comfortable with that person. Our level of intimacy in conversation and also physically (meaning we walk closer together, more in step, in tune) is very quickly elevated, even though we had just met. Another thing I recognise with these types of relationships is that I can go a long time without seeing this person and it will still always feel like I just left them... There is also a GREAT sense of mutual understanding even in the first meaning. Even though there are all types of societal constraints on things that can be done and said in a first meeting, the connection is just so strong it is almost mental.
Right now I feel as though I know a few folks I have a long history with.. I am so happy they have come back into my life! I am not sure in what capacity I knew them before.. probably in many ways..