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Storyboarding my past life memory with AI


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I used a combination of midjourney and the new Photoshop beta to create these images to help me remember my past life memory/dream.

Hanging out with my buddy in the Serengeti at a campfire. Ignore the fireball in my hand lol.


My vivid memory of a Serengeti sunset with a purple sky.


We took a job together at what we thought was going to be a good opportunity for us.


Not sure exactly what happened, but we ended up in a rhino poaching situation where we were unable to leave the camp. I found a gun which I gave to my buddy to help protect us.


People in the camp were sad about dehorning rhinos.

Guards punished/tortured me by using a sling shot to hurl rocks at me. I'm pretty sure I died in this camp without my family knowing what happened to me.


Let me know what you think about this storyboard idea and if you have tried something similar.
I like this attempt very much. The funny thing is that my sister is in the Serengeti at this very moment, sending us pictures every day: it's completely green now, with lush green grasses, flowers everywhere. Lol.

How do you make those cartoon pictures? Do you take a real picture and convert that into a drawing?