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Supernatural Science - Previous Lives


Arnold Vinette
Tonight I stumbled on this BBC Previous Lives documentary compeltely by accident.

Since this documentary features Carol Bowman, I thought that many people would be interested in it.

BBC Documentary.

Supernatural Science - Previous Lives


Millions believe in reincarnation. Is there proof that is really happens?

Do people pass through many lifetimes and can they bring back memories from having lived before?

Therapies now encouraging people to relive their violent moments of their deaths in previous lives.

But what can be known for certain. Scientists are trying to assess the evidence from those who’ve claimed to have live before.

Will they proof the case for reincarnation and reveal what brings those memories to the human mind?


Other supporting of stories of past lives can also be found at the web site www.iands.org a very good companion site to www.childpastlives.org

NDE Accounts


Arnold Vinette
Ottawa, Canada

Ghost of Gumby

Hi, Friends : )
Hi Arnold V

Thanks for the links to the documentaries, I am deeply interested in all this subject.

I think that the strongest evidence of past lives comes from the documented cases of children and the NDE (as you have noted in your post above).

Certain children at a very early age have shared about very specific events from their previous life. see http://paranormal.about.com/library/weekly/aa032502a.htm

The issue is confusing, of course. Apparenty most or all of the memories of the past life are forgotten at the conscious level. So it is the sub-consciouss that retains the former life memories. Yet some children may be more in tune with their sub-conscious than adults normally would. I find this to be compelling evidence that we do live other lives.

The past life can intrude into our present via the sub-conscious. The question is, why? Why do these memoiris move to the conscious level? Does something prompt this? Does a certain place, sight or sound prompt it? A crises in our present time? Or is it just a simple random movement of the sub-conscious memories up to the conscious level? It is difficult to say. And in the cases of children recalling a past life, it must be that they are more in touch with their sub-consciouss where the memorie of the past life is somehow retained.

I do find the NDE accounts compelling. There are more such experiences being reported now than anytime in the past. What interests me is how some people report becomming separated from thier physical form, they can view their body on the operating table, they can move about the hospital premises and listen in to conversations. This evidence is very tenuous at best at the present, but it is definitely pointing into the direction of validation of past lives, imo.


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Thanks for pointing that out Arnold!

Just watched it ^^ very interesting :)