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Talents and synchronousities


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Hi everyone. How are you? Lately I've been doing research, but not a whole lot...2 things are on my mind as the title says I was shocked to see some of my past life talents online. I saw watercolor paintings and the subjects Zelda painted were quite like mine now. I use different mediums as an artist but I also study the same things she did. Its very interesting to compare our work. It might not be exactly the same style but the passion inside the paintings feels the same, if that makes sense.

2nd I've been hearing my married name alot from outside sources. It would be at random times for different reasons. All happening this week too! Does this happen to anyone else in the forum?


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hi Zelda! Speaking in my own opinion, I feel we are just literally the same person in a new life. So it's not surprising to me to find that we share many interest and talents with previous lives. I really wished I was able to paint and draw in my current life, but I lack the fine motor skill to be able to do so. I think that's just biology speaking, but my intent was eager and I did find out I used to paint and draw quite frequently and my handwriting was quite nice! While mine currently is quite horrible, I did find a sample of my past live's hand writing and easily saw that while our writing looked nothing alike, on the whole, there were many small similarities and habits. For instance, I found it quite interesting that I still wrote print capital letters with script afterwards. I found that highly unlikely for someone of my past status ha ha.

I think the more you're thinking about something, the more you tend to hear or see it too, but sometimes it can also be a clue to look deeper into something, especially if you have no reason to think about something, especially if you've never heard of it before.


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I've more often had the opposite problem. Two of my past lives were pretty adept with a bow and arrow. Current me, on the other hand, can't shoot to save my life. The first time I tried it, I sort of remembered what to do, but all the expertise had totally gone out the window. I wasn't expecting to be an expert or anything, especially on the first try, but it didn't go well at all.

My Mongol self and I have some oddly similar habits, or so I've noticed over the last week or so. We both keep our tension in our right hand, often via a balled up fist. He used to sunbathe when he got stressed, which is definitely something I do now, although he did it naked in a lake lol.

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If the body change but the soul is the same, also the talens should be the same.
I guess i was a wizard a remote age ago, but i not know nothing of ancient magic, and also now i dislike magic practics.
the behavour and mentality depend by experience of these life, not of the previous life, so the final result can be completely different.
about the other things, well,
if someone rebirth, is the exactly the same person of oldest lifes, but ... better. or at least each life should be an improvement of our previous ourself.
but i confess that at moment i am even more skeptical about rebirth.
i asked to my father a lot of question of my early childhood, and i not told nothing of expecial respect of other kids that can be linked to PL.
only, i was a child more talenced in culture.


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I feel that it would depend on the needs and karmas of the new life to determine the skills of the current vessel being inhabited. Sometimes I wonder if we must learn opposite things in some life’s experiences being a skilled artisan in one life then a business person with no artistic instinct in the next for example. I was a necromancer once but I have no plans to engage in such activities today

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I think it depends. I was a seamstress before, and I am in this life...but is different and the same at once. Now, I have the luxury of learning to design, to understand the creative part of it and before I was a seamstress because I was good at a needle and you worked or starved. I also had ties to magic, and I studied one of the forms in this life, and while I was adept at it, it was also terrifying and I have no desire to do it again.

On that token, I was once a mistress and don't choose to be one now, even when the opportunity had presented itself. I also was a talented hairdresser and can barely do my own hair in this life. I have no interest in it. I have no memories of cooking in old ways, although I must have once been good at it and enjoyed it since in this life my hobby is historical cooking. Also, I have no desire to see someone hurt or tortured, something I took great glee and interest in before.

But there are also things I never had a job, talent or interest in that I have in this life. Mostly space exploration and science...none of my PL had an interest remotely in that, nor thought much of the stars or going there. Me? I have a fascination of outer space and if aliens exist or not. I also don't drink alcohol in this life...not that I am necessarily against it, I just don;t like it. Drinking was something I did in the past and I enjoyed a variety of alcohols greatly in many of the lives...now blech (although I do enjoy a good mead and a very light alcoholic sangria...the former I drank and remembered, the latter was a product of growing up in Texas in this life).