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The Last Post - WWI Memories


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I have long been obsessed with the First World War - and no music captures the memory of lost comrades better than the Last Post. If you have not witnessed this ceremony in person at the Menin Gate in Ypres (Ieper), Belgium, you haven't lived - or at least, you are not in touch with a WWI past life. Nothing, I mean NOTHING, is more moving, or awakes such anguish and passion within me. Bless them all, fathers, brothers, and sons--and the families that mourned them:




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Yes, that's a quite specific trigger. I don't currently have a sound device in my laptop (long story) so I can't really watch/appreciate it.

I believe I was a Finnish teenager when WWI took place, and I wasn't directly affected by it. More so by the following Finnish civil war.



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I share that Lonewolf.

I went to Ypres in 1995. It was so appalling to realize that all the names on the Menin Gate are those of the missing. So many thousands of names.

Peter V

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Listen to this one:

Gets me every time. I don't have a particular connection to WWI though...

WWII is another story.