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The Original ABC Primetime broadcast on a child's past life


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Hi! This is Andrea, James's mom. This piece on Prime Time is definitely airing tonight, so I hope everyone will watch it. The boy in the story is my son, who turned 6 last week. I look forward to reading your comments after you view the piece.


Hi Andrea! I am looking forward to the special very much and you will surely get lots of excited feedback here on the forum. Glad you joined us.:D
Welcome to the forum Andrea,

We have all been waiting for this to air. I know - everyone on the forum and behind the scenes -is very excited!

I am so glad to see you here -I hope you stay around for a while. Would love to hear more from you. :)
Well Hello Andreana and thank you for popping your head in here and sharing with us all (give James a hug and thank him for us also ) ;)

Ooooooooooo I'm so exicted and the programme isn't even being aired here!!!! I look forward to all the comments and discussions though and would love to see everyone to give Andreana and Carol their personal feedback on the piece.
I'm so glad to see all of your replies. I am hopeful that the piece will be objectively done. Carol and I are both going to be watching with bated breath! I look forward to all of your feedback on this amazing story!

Dear Andrea,
I loved the piece. Do you feel like it came across ok? I'm new here, so I don't know how long you guys have been waiting for it to air, but I DO know that when I heard about it via a promo yesterday, I set my alarm clock to make sure I didn't miss it!!!!!

It was a great story, and seemed to be well done. BRAVO!!!!

Hugs to all,
Andrea, I was skeptical until I watched the story on James tonight. Not only did he make a believer of me, but had a huge impression on my mother and boyfriend. He truly is a special little man! I was sitting here searching for some more information on him, and came across this site. And saw the post about the show and I just had to join. Thanks for making a few of us believe.

Great Piece on ABC!

Hello, all. We are Andrea's brother and sister-in-law (James' uncle and aunt). We thought the piece about James was great! Andrea and Bruce came off as very credible, while the so-called "expert" from University of Buffalo came off as...well, fill in the blank with whatever derogatory term you wish. Even Dorothy's dad, the ultimate skeptic when it comes to the metaphysical, believes. As Andrea said in the piece, "the human spirit is immortal." As a first-year seminarian, I can attest to that. What must be taken on faith is that souls can, and do, come back in new bodies. But then, the body is no more than a vehicle--and who drives the same car forever? Thanks to all in this thread for your support of James, Andrea, and Bruce!
-Jeff and Dorothy
I'm glad it was on network....and that it was so well done. Usually when we get these announcements, it's on an American Cable channel, so I don't get to see it, but here in Windsor, we get all the networks from Detroit.

I was got all tingly while watching it.

And I agree...their Opposing Point of View, came off looking like an I-D-10-T.

Oh, and for those of you who are new to the board, I highly recommend the series of threads by Matt's Grandma, orignally titled Knowing More than a 3 year old should

It also spans a young boy's memories from the time he was 3 until he was 5 or so.
Dear Jeff and Dorothy,
I agree... the "expert" came across as a turkey. And what's with that guy from "Skeptic" magazine?? He's on EVERY show about the unexplained that I've ever seen. He's like the "resident turkey" whenever the subject of the afterlife comes up. Apparently, this poor, misguided guy has nothing else better to do!!! (Just my humble opinion)

I was so proud to see the logos for Carol's books during the piece. Your demeanor was warm and confident, wise. It was good to see you Carol!

Great to see you here Andrea :) You and Bruce were gracious and brave to do the piece. Thank you for sharing a part of James' experience with the world. And what a bright and precious little guy he is! It is a gift what your family and Carol's family have given us.

Andrea -I am so impressed and very glad you and your husband stepped forward. Your presentation -your story -may help so many parents, and children in the future. You will never know - just how many or how. But my heart says -THOUSANDS!

Thank you and your family for coming forward with James's (both James!) story. It gave me thrills watching James under the airplane, checking it out exactly the way I watched my Dad check out planes through the years, and to watch as your husband detailed how his thorough research convinced him that your son was the reincarnation of a man who was not ready to give up on life just because fate brought him down! You were both so wonderful in your appearances, and James is just a doll! I loved the hat! ;)

I am largely missing the prime memory years of my greatniece, who is the reincarnation of my brother, and I am sad it has to be that way. Only I and her oldest aunt know. On the rare occasions when I have seen her, she has always managed to do something that lets me know that my brother is still there, coming through - but no where in the great detail James was able to remember! He is a gift. Thank you for sharing him with us.

I never watch that show, but I had heard there was going to be a piece on Carla Baron, a psychic detective that I know, so I decided to tune in. When I turned on the show, I was pleasantly surprised to see they were running a story on reincarnation, as well.

All I can say is: what a great show tonight! I was so happy to see a story of reincarnation presented on a mainstream news magazine show. Hopefully, this show gets some people thinking. I like how Charlie Gibson said belief in reincarnation is not just for Hindus and Buddhists (a common misconception).
Interesting Statistic

Chris Cuomo cited an interesting statistic in the Primetime piece--that 1 in 4 believers in Judeo-Christian faiths also believe in reincarnation. I was not aware that the percentage was that high, but have also never claimed that Juedo-Christian doctrine is either infallible or all-emcompassing. As much of what the Christian faith holds as doctrinal truth was formulated in the first 6 centuries of the Common Era, what was once held as "heretical" or "pagan" is now being incorporated into daily practice (zen in conjunction with Benedictine contemplation, for example). And as for kharma--well, I just hope that the circle is a little forgiving, or that Mr Skeptical guy is really in for it .

Peace to all,
Congratulations to Carol! I just watched the Primetime segment, which I taped last night. This presentation was fundamentally different from what the major networks have broadcast in the past. This time, the case was presented fully and fairly. And this time, it was the *skeptic* who looks foolish. He's obviously sincere, but he's obviously in denial. And this is very significant for the public--because they need to know that someone with credentials, appealing to logic and science and who appears to be rational, may in fact be in denial. The parents were magnificant--both as people, and also for the type of people they are--meaning, the father was a skeptic (i.e., not a cynic, but a true skeptic), and the mother is traditional and religious.

So this case was almost archetypal in its power and simplicity--presenting in capsulated form several major themes and elements.

In addition, military survivors seem to be more amenable to reincarnation (civil war re-enactors have given Jeff Keene a much warmer reception than I ever thought possible), and the culture as a whole may be more open to military-related cases.

Plus, again, Primetime didn't distort or withhold any of the facts.

The interviewer looked like someone had hit him over the head with a two-by-four, though ;-)...

I think this broadcast is a landmark. I think it represents years of work by a lot of people behind the scenes, and the fact that it aired is an indication of the progress made.
Steve S.
Hi Piper, yes the episode aired and with all this wonderful and positive feedback, I'm starting to wish I caught a plane out to the US yesterday just to catch it ;)

I do believe Steve and Carol's son Case recorded it all digitally, so Steve might be looking into a way of getting the file up on the Internet site and available to watch over and over and over - I know I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

To Andrea (and all the other family members who have graced us with their feedback and presence here). Thank you so much. I may not have seen the piece, but the comments that it has already produced is testimony to what great work you have done for so many. Give James a massive hug from me for all them other children out there that he has helped unconsciously through his voice and experience and another one just for being such a special little individual gem :)
Carol on ABC Primetime

Hi Everyone,

I was very nervous about the segment (with good reason, since I know how editing can change a piece), but was very pleased with the outcome. I'm glad that the Leiningers got to tell their story without it being chopped up, which is the usual way they do it on TV. I regret that they didn't get a little more from me telling how these memories are actually common, etc. but, it was probably more important to let the Leiningers story be told in full. They did a fabulous job! As you can see, they are very intelligent, articulate people. And Bruce really was very skeptical when this began. Fortunately, Andrea was open to the possibility of reincarnation, especially after her mother sent her CHILDREN'S PAST LIVES.

As for the skeptic: he came off as dogmatic, without a good response. Those who have no inclination to believe will go along with whatever garbled message he gave about James's parents and friends prompting him. What rubbish, in light of the facts!

Anyway, I'm glad it came out as well as it did. Hopefully some minds were opened a little more.

Be well everyone.
Thanks to everyone for their positive feedback. It was a big decision for us to tell James's story, and by yesterday I was a nervous wreck, having not seen the piece before it aired and being uncertain as to how we would be presented. I was thrilled with the final product, and thought it told a very clear story. As to the "Nay-Sayer", he didn't offer one compelling argument or rationional explanation for this. If you have ever seen 2 year old's playing, they aren't usually sitting around the sand box discussing WWII battles! Sheesh.

As for the WWII helmet that my son wore in the piece, it was a gift to him. From Jack Larsen, given to my son BEFORE Jack knew about the real story!

Another piece of info that didn't make it into the final editing: James Huston was flying an FM-2 Wildcat when he was shot down. My husband grasped onto this one piece of information while doing his research, because James insisted he had flown a Corsair, and even when asked, would never deviate from this. When Anne Barron, Huston's sister, sent us some photo's of her brother, there was one (shown last night) with him standing in front of a Corsair! My husband ordered Huston's military service records, and found out that before joining squadron VC-81 aboard the Natoma Bay, Huston had been part of VF-301, an elite squadron of pilot's put together to figure out how to fly the Corsair, the Navy's premier fighter, off of aircraft carriers. Once he completed his service with that squadron, he was moved to VC-81 on Natoma Bay, about 4 months before he was killed. Another detail, when Huston was shot down, his wingman in formation next to him was Jack Larsen. Now if that doesn't make your hair stand on end, nothing will!!!

Hi Andrea

I watched the piece last night on your son and your family. It was very well done and hopefully opens the eyes of some of the skeptics that are out there.

I was just wondering if James ever met his sister from his previous life and if they have had conversations about things only they would know ? I think the whole thing is very fascinating.

I would wager serious money that your son cant wait until he's old enough to fly a plane once again. Im sure it will be an incredible experience for everyone involved when it happens.

Thanks so much for sharing James' life and story with the world. Hopefully others will be encouraged to come forward and share their experiences as well now.

Thank You

Matt Wiliams
Primetime ABC Website

I just checked out the "debate" on the message board on the Primetime ABC website, and was amazed/appalled at how closed-minded people can be. Reading some of the posts there, it is also sad to see how intolerant some Judeo-Christians are to the concepts put forth by other bodies of spirituality. I have to apologize to those members of this forum who are not Judeo-Christian, both as a seminarian and as a human being. And I would like to thank each of you for your support and encouragement. This was a tough, and courageous, decision for my sister to open her life, and that of her family, as she has.

Steve S, Your description articulates well how we feel about the great job ABC did with the segment. It's good to hear what you got from it looking at it with new eyes (we've been living with this case for a couple years).

I think we should start a movement to email or contact ABC news and tell them how much we liked it.

Anybody know where to send compliments to ABC news?

Link for program

I missed this program, however ABC has a written description of it on their web site.

If you look to the right there is a link to a discussion on the topic. I believe members of the boy's family are participating in the discussion.
I just wanted you to know that when I got to work this morning, co-workers brought the Primetime special up. They thought it was amazing! These were women who do not believe in reincarnation, but were convinced by the story enough to discuss it - something they don't usually do with me (I'm supposed to be the "weird" one here!) Thank you Andrea, Bruce and James, for doing something that will make more people think pisitively about reincarnation.
loved the show

The show was great! good for you and your husband for taking the time and knowing how to talk to your son about it. It happened to me when my son was 3 or 4 (he is now 14) and I did not know how to handle it. We were driving past a cemetary at night and he said "I died once", I was shocked and all I could say was you died? and he said "yeah then I came back and picked you for my mommy". I wish I knew then what I know now about past lives. Your son is real cute and seems very smart. The show was great, thanks for sharing your story!
Saw the segment last night - loved it! Thanks to the Bowmans, Andrea, Bruce and James for such a thoughtful presentation on this subject!

Of course, I'm biased, but the skeptic was quite off base with his comments. How could he say Andrea and Bruce were leading their son on, cueing him, etc.? Was he with them 24/7 to see and hear how they interacted with James? Or how anyone else interacted wtih James? Or what James was seeing on TV? Why would he know better than them as to what they were witnessing?

His argument was illogical, which is ironic since he would probably feel arguments for reincarnation are illogical.

This is my first post about this subject.

I have always been open minded to the subject of reincarnation. I am sure many of you have read accounts of reincarnation, such as Bridey Murphy, etc.... I just didn't know what to think of those reports, they just were not convincing to me.

Watching this piece last night about your son was so moving. I am confident that you are very credible and that means a lot to me. One can only make two assumptions about what happened to your son.

First...it is an elaborate hoax that would take a great deal of planning to pull off

Second...there are things in our spiritual life that are beyond our understanding

Iam confident that in your case it is the latter.

This is such a fascinating story and I was sad to hear that the memories of your son are fading. It is obvious that he is a very unique young boy. I hope you keep us updated with any new facts that you learn.
Great show!

I had a question regarding "James 3."

I know James Huston was a junior, but was it determined whether he was a "James III"? It later occurred to me that James 3 might mean "third time incarnated as a James."

To peskypalians: Don't fret about the ABC primetime debate. The kneejerk naysayers are to be expected. Once the vocal ignorant have had their say and the dust clears, a lot of reasonable, open-minded people will be guided towards the truth from this.
James Huston Sr (the aviator's dad) was James 1. James Huston Jr (the aviator) was James 2. So, in this life, James (my nephew) saw, and sees, himself as James 3.

Naysayers don't bother me. There are skeptics and doubters regarding everything. But life is so much more dreary with nothing to believe in.
Andrea, I was wondering if you considered checking your son's DNA to the DNA of the flyers family. I know it's a stretch but there is so much about science we still don't know......I would be interested to see if they could find some kind of a link in some way by DNA analysis.... The application of DNA testing is so new, it might be a branch of reserch that could be checked into.