The power of the imagination

Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by Kristopher, Aug 22, 2012.

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    I'd like to start this thread with an interesting quote I found online which was on the information about a conference featuring Brian Weiss.

    I have thought up a few interesting theories about the 'limits' of our imagination below. I suppose they can all relate to being in soul or human form:

    1. Everything we can imagine, no matter how wild, will likely exist somewhere.

    2. Everything we can imagine, no matter how wild, can be created, even in our psychical form, otherwise we wouldn't think it. (I like this one and IMO I believe there's probably truth in this).

    3. Our individual imaginations as humans comes from LBL experiences/memories.

    If you look all around you in the room you're in just now, everything you see was once imagined by someone. Our natural world, including our biological bodies and the likes, would have been imagined by a higher spiritual source.

    I remember an interesting section in one of Newton's books which was based on his subjects talking about learning to create things out of their imagination and actually bringing them into existance. Fascinating.
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    I feel that it is imagination which drives all civilization. Invention would be very difficult without imagination, so without imagination the pyramids would have never been built, or the empire state building, rockets would have never gone into space to fuel our need for knowledge about the planets. The root of the word is "image", so that in our mind we are able to visualize something which we could make, create, so that it is real and no longer a imagined thing. I don't know if all existence is circumstance to imagination, this would mean that there would have to be design and intellegence in everything which exists from the smallest to the largest. There are so many forces at work at large in our universe so it is impossible for us in our limited state to determine what it is that causes all that there is, perhaps it is a drive for completion, or for expression, transformation, or perception, or all of these stated. These are difficult questions which often only arise additional questions.
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    20 is indeed nothing exists that was not imagined. Very cool.

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