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The same army spouse I mentioned in my previous in spirit and a royal memory

A long time ago, I saw a vision. I think I had many lifetimes with this spouse-who is the same army spouse mentioned in my previous first thread. I see his face repeatedly in my visions, and one time I had a dream about him and when I woke up I saw him in spirit standing by my bed ( since I can see deceased people ) he told me his name which he said was Will Daniels.(I've changed the name to protect his identity). Will Daniels is what I know to be the father of my past life daughters Chloe and Emily. Who both died aged 7. They also live with me like its boundedness. Chloe and Emily are really tiny and small for their age.
In another lifetime, I think I was a French princess. I saw my pet white horse in the royal courtyard. The courtyard was very big and beautiful with a giant water fountain feature. This princess I think I am is not a celebrity. And she'll never be known or remembered. But I think I was a French princess that lived in the 1800s.from that time I have in my space a 3 year old boy called Edward who is my son with a French prince -Edward senior. I have also seen in my space. So I have quite a few past life friends and family living with me. I don't feel scared of the deceased people around me, but thrive in their unconditional love and support and company.
Have you tried doing any further research to confirm who you were?
Hi melon04,
Thankyou for your reply. I have a family friend who is also a qualified professional pshycic medium who can assist with helping people confirm who they were in past lives. But she stopped working for the time being because of personal reasons. But I will surely make an appointment to see her when she starts working again and will let you know the outcome.!