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Tibetan ritual

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the great
Does anyone here have any memories of Tibet? Whether as a monk or an layperson of some sort. I don't know a lot about buddhism off the top of my head, but I had a dream some years ago and recently again- I never made sense of it. I think that's why I had it twice, and with so many years in between. I was absolutely consumed with terror the first time. I was twelve. I might have posted about it on here, but if I did, I found nothing about it.

In the dream, I was watching a group of Tibetan monks- why I knew they were Tibetan, I don't know- I've been under the impression that most Buddhist monks in that part of the world wore the same colors, maybe I'm wrong- but they were standing around a man, and they were using implements on the man's head, trepanning. They were talking, and I think it sounded like prayer. There were candles. Now I'm assuming that most if not all of you know what trepanning is. If not, here's a link-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trepanation
The man's face was like that of a stunned animal. I was afraid they were murdering him and trying to be sneaky about it, I knew it was nighttime, and I could hear wind howling outside. It was cold.

The thing is, I'm sure I was that man. I woke up about two days ago after I had this dream again, and I googled trapanation (sp?) and any relation it may have to Tibetan culture. Apparently there's a practice- it's pretty obscure, I wouldn't have known about it as a twelve year old, and I certainly wouldn't have an oppurtunity to find it out now without serious research.. It's called Phonua... (I think-) I can't seem to find the same link I found before on it, but it was to release someone's soul upwards. According to those who believe in it, the soul leaves through holes in the body, and phonua is done to prepare the soul for death. In other cases, it's used to stimulate the pineal gland>>> which increases visions.

Does this sound like a validation to anyone? I'd like to hear anyone else's stories of Tibet, if there are any.

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I have definitely heard of this practice - somewhere. I wish I could recall where.

I have had one very fleeting glimpse of a p/l in Tibet once in a guided meditation. I was a young boy being taught by an elderly monk with some other young boys.

I have always felt drawn to Tibet, and am very upset that the Chinese have made such a mess of it and been so brutal there.


This post and discussion is continued in the thread Tibet?
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