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Too Much Memory is a Problem


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Hi, everybody.

I've read somewhere, and heard the people say it several times, that most of us remember good things longer than the bad ones.

Except for mothers-in-law, of course, who do it vice versa.

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I think we remember when our scenes are involved and the level of emotion. I could remember the taste of a soup from a past life. That's why Past life regression can have memories so strong. At least for me I think that's true.


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Our memories belong to us. We should be offended if they are taken away through Amnesia in this life, or any other. It robs us of the ability to pull examples of success from previous experiences that we may need now.


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I definitely have to agree that too much memory is a bad thing. When I had my past life regression a few years ago I ended up having a breakdown. Of course it wasn't so much the memories that caused that it was more my mom getting mad at me for getting a past life regression as she isn't as into magic and past lives as I am. Also I have had some very traumatic experiences growing up in this lifetime. I wish I could just get rid of the memories and move on but I don't believe you can completely get rid of a memory just push it aside. I'm just not entirely sure how to push aside these traumatic memories. I try to look ahead to the future but doubts keep filling up my mind keeping me from moving forward. Also I try to look at what I have accomplished lately with getting a job and moving out on my own but nothing seems to be enough. It seems no matter what I accomplish I still feel my life is meaningless. Sorry if I'm being dramatic but I'm just not entirely sure what to do.


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Hi Galaxy,

Clicking "like" (which I just did) when someone posts something about their trials and problems doesn't seem right on point, but I wanted to do something to be encouraging. Plus, you're right--I think too few people realize how much better it is for most to not have to worry about the problem memories. Even good memories (as the article shows) can be a problem for people with "too much" memory ability. However, the fact that too much memory can be a problem also doesn't mean (as you point out) that we can just wish memories away, or will ourselves into happiness, though I'm glad that you've been able to take some positive steps in terms of independence and other matters. But don't give up now. "Meaning" is out there. Just keep seeking and you will find it (or it will find you).



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Thanks so much. Not entirely sure this has to do with my meaning in life but I remember a few years ago I was following a guided meditation I found on the internet several years ago. I imagined myself going down stairs. As each one lit up one of the rainbow it would also play a note. Eventually I came to a door and opened the door. Inside the room was foggy. The fog cleared and I noticed another door. I opened the door and found myself in what looked like the throne room of an old castle. A voice in my head told me something to the point the throne was for me. I sit in the throne and am transformed into a princess. To this day I think about this. Could it be that my meaning in life is to be some kind of leader. As much as I would like to be a leader I have doubts I could ever be a good leader and I sometimes feel what I imagined while doing the guided meditation was just my imagine going wild as it often does.