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Various Members - Past Life Dreams


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Hello all,

I just thought I'd share this dream I had last night. It was about my latest incarnation before this one and some of you might have read something about it earlier.

In that life I was an African-American girl, who died young (as a teenager or in her twenties). I was killed by my boyfriend, who also pimped me to get drugs for both of us. I died in the late 1960's or early 1970's.

In the last night's dream I saw myself as this girl for the first time (before I've only seen what she's seeing, if you know what I mean). But in the dream I was also looking at my hands and they looked like they do now. I wondered how only my face was black.. Well, you know, dreams are often silly. Anyway I kept wondering how I can be this pale, when one of my parents is black and the other one is not white either (I can't remember if s/he was half-black, Latin, Arab or what, but I naturally did in the dream).

I was quite tall, my hair was tied back/up and I was wearing a red dress. I think I was with my girlfriends in some kind of a school party. I also think there were four girls including me and we had got us a hotel room to celebrate the event.

Do any of you know, if it is/was common for friends to stay in a hotel because of some school party in the U.S.?

The same day I met this guy. I think he was the BF that killed me later. I was still a "good girl", but I definetely already knew him. I think we had already dated before or were having an "on-off -relationship". Anyway he had been somewhere else for a while and I was very excited when he turned up. We were talking to each other and he was very kind to me. He said he hadn't been with any other women while he was away (even though he was allowed to) and I believed him. He also told me about his money problems and I promised to get him something he couldn't afford himself. We ended up kissing and made a deal he would spend the night in our hotel room. I was so happy, because I truly fancied him and he had been so nice.

Then one or both of us had to go somewhere else, but we were supposed to meet later and spend the night together. Next thing in my dream was me and my friend in some shop later that day and we saw this guy again. He was really drunk or high and acted completely differently - ignoring me. I immediately realized he wouldn't come to the hotel and I was _so_ disappointed I can't even begin to tell you. But I was trying to be brave and acted like I didn't care in front of my girlfriend.

That was the end of that dream. Oh, how much that boy caused me grief in that life, but I can still feel how much I fancied and loved him. He was African-American too. A bit older than me, but no more than 10 years - maybe only a couple.

OK, that's all. I just wanted to share. And if somebody knows if girlfriends would get a hotel room for the prom or some other high school event, please let me know!



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Hiya Karoliina!!!

Awesome memories, girl!;) It's so cool when you finally see yourself, isn't it?

Yes, hotel rooms are shared by friends on prom night...usually as a place to party :D ;)



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Thanks sweetheart!

It's good to know, because I thought it was a bit weird to get a room as we were in our hometown.



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Do any of you know, if it is/was common for friends to stay in a hotel because of some school party in the U.S.?

Hi Karoliina!

Yes, it is very common here in America for friends, especially teenagers, to rent a hotel room for a night to celebrate either graduation, prom, birthdays...;)

Do you recognize anyone from that lifetime in your present life?


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Thanks for the info! Now I just wonder if it was common also in the 60's or 70's. :confused:

I'm not positive about this, but I think I might know who the BF/killer was. He looked like he does now in one of the dreams. But it doesn't really make sense as it was my sister's ex-boyfriend, who I haven't even met for ages. When I was a teenager he was like a big brother to me, so he had an influence - and maybe being protective over me in this life was his way to apologize. I don't know.




Let me share another memory with you. It was a childhood recurrent dream, a nightmare. It was so obsessing that i remember inquiring myself when would this stop happening to me. It started with me being in a house alone, then hearing some bad guys trying to break in, the door would eventually open and they run in and catch me (or, maybe kill me). The memory brings up so much stress and a feeling of suffocation.
Also, I have strong associations with orange and red colors at the end.
I have a feeling it relates to the beginning of the 20th century, during war or revolution.
Maybe this memory is the clue to understanding why I freak out (and sometimes, even black out) at the sight of blood, or wounds...


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Hi HeavensChild,

Your post gave me shivers. It reminds me very much of one of my lives.

Do you recall any specific details about the house itself -- did you happen to notice something special inside?

Do you have any idea of why you associate specific colors at the end? The red and orange you describe remind me of flames.



Hi Ailish!
I am sure that red and orange mean flame. Perhaps the house was put on fire.
Also, I remember a scene outside, on the large open square/ area, with crowds of people. I remember standing on the steps of a big building at night, perhaps listening to a speaker/ revolutionary. I remember the feeling of suspense and excitement. Something tells me that there were flames around and great commotion.


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Wow! That sounds pretty intense. :butbut:

You said it was a recurring dream in childhood -- have you had any of the dreams lately?


No, I haven't. It stopped when I was about 10 y.o. but I had this recurring dream through many years... If only I had it once again perhaps I could get more details...
I am curious what makes a recurring dream stop, or what makes it go on for many years, even in adulthood?


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I believe there are many factors that influence our dreams. I think in the case of recurring dreams, they are calling our attention to something we need to change, and they keep repeating until we do so.

I believe that when the dream is past life related it happens the same way -- the dream is pointing out a pattern we are presently repeating, or are about to repeat.

Children and adults dream differently. Our sleep patterns change as we age. We spend much more time in REM sleep when we are young. Dream recall usually decreases with age. Our dreams reflect our emotional concerns, which change in different stages of life. All of these things could be reasons why your dreams stopped around ten years of age.

Have you thought about setting dream intent prior to going to sleep? Or perhaps doing a meditation to find out more about this life?

You might enjoy reading "The Dreamer's Way: Using Proactive Dreaming to Heal & Transform Your Life " by Rosemary Ellen Guiley, PhD.

Here is a brief description:

In this fascinating, comprehensive and unique book about dreams and dreaming, bestselling author and renowned dreamwork facilitator, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, explains the meaning of proactive dreaming. It's the first prescriptive book that teaches the benefits of proactive dreaming, of instructing and informing dreams to gain insight into life, love, relationships, personal fulfillment, and enlightenment. Learn about: Dream healing - the prescription for physical, emotional, and spiritual rejuvenation; Dream traveling - experience the future and distant places through extraordinary dreaming; Dream visits - after-death communication with departed loved ones..."

Perhaps that will help you to find some answers about this life. ;)

Best of luck!


I believe the more stressful the memories the more chance they show up again. I rely a lot on reliving this experience in my dream. Hope my past life mind lets me in one day.

I have a question. Supposedly I died in a fire in that lifetime. How would this possibly affect my appearance in this lifetime. I read that birthmarks often indicate where the body was hurt. If it was a flame burn all over body, would it result in some sort of skin disorder? My skin is normal but i always wondered why i have been blessed with so many birthmarks. Also, when i was born i had diathesis on my head.

I already told you that at the end of this recurring dream I felt suffocation. I think it would be relevant to mention that once as a little girl i remember asking myself a very strange question - how do i learn to breath so smooth and not think about it? At that moment I as if "forgot" how to breathe! Was it a dream, or a afterdeath experience - I cannot tell for sure.
And also, it happened some years ago - i woke up at night with a lung spasm - I could not breathe! It took me minutes to calm down and catch up breath. It was SO scary! And finally at the age of 3-4 I was hospitalized with an acute fit of throat inflammation (I do not remember this) - I woke up gasping air but unable to breathe. I am sure all this suffocation staff is quite serious and perhaps I need to understand why this happens. Was this caused by a death in a fire?


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Hi HeavenChild,

How would this possibly affect my appearance in this lifetime. I read that birthmarks often indicate where the body was hurt. If it was a flame burn all over body, would it result in some sort of skin disorder?

It definitely can happen, but I don't believe that we always manifest signs of past life injuries on our present day bodies, so it may be that there is no physical marking or carry-over at all.

In my opinion -- the different incidents you experienced with breathing problems as a small child are a fairly good indicator that you are looking in the right direction.

Was this caused by a death in a fire?

I don't know -- only you can answer that question. ;) It sounds like a plausible explanation and it's definitely worth consideration and further exploration.

Have you read through the thread [thread=7867]How to find out about your past lives[/thread]?

Keep us posted!



A dream about a house

Over many years I have had the same recurring dream, this is about a house, the house is always the same to me and it is huge, there are many rooms in the upstairs of the house and many rooms downstairs.

I have entertained in this house in my dream and this house is furnished, upstairs it has a huge corridoor or passageway that leads to some rooms in which I am forbidden to enter. I have a sense of evil in these rooms and fear keeps me out of them, where these rooms are down this large passageway or corridoor seems to have a sense of leading to a part of a town, or where a different kind of people reside somehow or out into another area of a town.

I cannot express how large this house is, in my dreams that involve this house there is much comings and goings, the dreams always involve people.

In fact in the last dream I actually took people upstairs to show them the rooms and there was a leak in the ceiling caused by a huge deluge, I left the house and sought out someone to help mend the roof..only to return and find that it was being attended to ??

I have never been in a house like this in my life, the house is unrecognisable, however I seem to own this house, or at least belong to this house - I did in my last dream about the house come to the conclusion that I should rent out these empty rooms...how strange was that, it was almost like recognising for the first time that people could with my effort live in these bedrooms...but they remained unhabited.....I did nothing about it in the end..

This house is so big, the rooms are large, they are all furnished and what is more in nearly every dream the furnishings are the same...

Parts of my life now get involved in this house and areas of my life that pertain now then move in to pertain in this house...

I feel that this house is a centre of a large something as in an important house in a town and this is a central part of the town, the passageway or corridoor which has rooms that are full of things I should not know are slowly becoming known to me and the fear of these rooms are slowly dissapating..

Oh and this house seems to have a large staircase..except the staircase is not always in my dream...

I watched a television programme last night on New Zealand television about past lives and must point out at this time that I am a very devout christian, however I did watch this programme with an open mind and am starting to think that maybe, just maybe this house that persistantly comes up in my dreams, and by the way are so vivid and so memorable may be somehow connected to a past life...

I am a woman and over the years although modern have always feel drawn to flowing old fashioned dresses, I have never worn them however I feel like I should be wearing them....it is something I cannot explain.....it is a sense, I have almost felt at many times in my life like I belong from the past, as in maybe 1850's type era by the feeling of the clothes.

Many a time I have felt like saying to different people in my life that I dont belong to this era......that also I cannot explain...this has always mystified me in every way and I think long and hard about this huge great house that so few people live in and stands so empty.....


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Hi Anirup-One,

Welcome to the forum. :) Thanks for sharing your dream with us.

Past life dreams are different from the norm in that they:

1) Contain historical information

2) Are unchanging in events and details

3) Are outside of our experiences in this life

4) Are highly emotional

Deborah said:
Sabine Lucas Ph.D - who studied under Jung states there are three types of past life dreams: The classical type, the informatory type and the hybrid type. She states that it is the informatory type that suggests that the eighth chakra is open.
The classical is realistic and factual - having the deja vue feeling of half conscious memories. Often in a different century and culture and the dreamer is present as an observer of the scene.

The informatory is devoid of images and action. The dreamer is directly informed and simply knows that he was, for example an American Indian in 1875 and killed in a battle.

The hybrid type, which is the most common one can be easily missed. The reason is because it combines realistic and symbolic elements. The criteria for determining if it is past life related is the presence or absence of realistic and personalized elements. This is because past life material is personal, while archetypal material is universal and numinous.
I'd suggest starting by reading through the FAQ section -- there are some very helpful threads there ;)

If you're interested in learning more about your past lives, this thread is a great place to start.

...must point out at this time that I am a very devout christian, however I did watch this programme with an open mind...
We have many Christian members on our board ;) I think it's great that you're open to considering the possibilities.

My suggestion would be to keep a journal - write down your dreams and see if this "house dream" has any sort of pattern to when you dream it. Is there a specific trigger for the appearance of the dream? Is it emotional to you? How do you feel about the dream?

A journal can be a very beneficial tool - not only in past life work, but also in daily life. We can garner a lot of information from our dreams ;)

Best of luck,



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Anirup-One said:
Over many years I have had the same recurring dream, this is about a house, the house is always the same to me and it is huge, there are many rooms in the upstairs of the house and many rooms downstairs.
I have never been in a house like this in my life, the house is unrecognisable, however I seem to own this house, or at least belong to this house This house is so big, the rooms are large, they are all furnished and what is more in nearly every dream the furnishings are the same...

Parts of my life now get involved in this house and areas of my life that pertain now then move in to pertain in this house...
I too repeatedly have dreams of a large, 'old-fashioned' (for lack of a better term) house in which I am usually one of many children. To say this house is large, however, does not describe it. It is labrynthine, full of different rooms which are all beautifully furnished, and corridors that lead to more rooms and more corridors and 'secret' passageways. This house does not always look the same every time I dream about it but it is always in the style of an old 19th century manor, or something similar. The closest description I could give for it would be Whipstaff Manor in the movie The Secret Garden (the version with Dame Maggie Smith), although it looks nothing like this. In one version of the dream, one of the few that was ominous and frightening, our house was being invaded by people trying to kill my family. We had a chapel in our house and we were huddled in there praying, but one of my brothers was missing and I ran off to search for him. This dream did not last long so I do not know the outcome. Sometimes when I dream about the house it is modern, almost futuristic in design. When this happens, the house is by the ocean. I always have a large family in these dreams whom I am very close to. In real life I have a small family that I can stand for a few hours a year on holidays;) . I am also younger in these dreams, anywhere from 12 years old to 14 or 15. These dreams always focus on one particular sibling, an older brother who gets lost. I guess your memory just resonated with me and reminded me of these dreams that I have (at least once a month).

Oh, and in one I remember that it was snowy and I was playing outside and our house was slightly deteriorated or destroyed from something, but I don't remember feeling sad about this, I just remember thinking, "We used to have more, now we have less, but we still have one another" and happily throwing snowballs at my siblings. That's all for now folks!



A Dream about a house.

Hi Ginger.

It was great to hear the word Labryinth in your reply because this is the way I should have described my house..One area above the house goes off the stairs to the left and there are a series of doors and room in there that I know I cannot go into, this is purely down to fear, I have wandered through this house now for many years, the house has wood panelling half way up the wall if you know what I mean, the furniture in the rooms is quite beautiful but old, very old some of it, I fear the rooms I cannot enter, however there have been times however very infrequently that I have either ventured into a single one of them, and been terrified or alternatively I find the room empty except for a single large bed....I am dumbfounded about this house which has drawn me to this website..there is no reason for it...house could be 300 years old...I love the rooms in the majority of my old house and wander through them alone and now and again the furnishings will move as if someone is changing the rooms, however this is not often, I never go to bed in this house I am always awake and I really do not know which is my bedroom, all I know is that there are many and they are unoccupied, I dont have a sense of dress in this house or not lately anyway, this old house has been in my dreams nearly all of my life....it is outside of my house in my real life that I have a sense of wearing period clothes, old very old, and what is more there is no television, or modern conveniences in this sense and I am in a way living on property or in a family that is living off the land...this is all just feeling remember it is not in my dreams..I am a vivid dreamer and I have had 2 vivid dreams whereby I saw the future.

I had a neighbour a few years ago she was about 78 and had 2 white cats..one was called inky....

This particular night my dream consisted of me kneeling down on one knee and in my arms I had a small white wallaby, [tiny kangaroo]..at first I did not know it was a wallaby and tried to figure out what I was holding standing above me and in tears was my old neighbour, whe was devastated at the death of the white wallaby.......

some 6 hours later I was walking outside my house to go to the gate and my neighbour leaned over the fence and said to me 'come quickly something is wrong with Inky'.

I was so concerned with how upset my neighbour was I forgot all about my dream....some 20 minutes later I was knelt down holding inky in my arms cradled and my neighbour was standing behind me and she was so very upset, she and I both knew that Inky was dying.....

I was so shocked at the instant..I turned to my neighbour and said 'I knew Inky was going to die'........I rather think she thought I was lying, however It stunned and shocked me to think that some hours previously I had dreamed exactly this instant.

I also dreamed of a flood in the South Island of New Zealand I saw this flood, the situation, the peaking of the water and where it all was, the next day I told several people of this flood in a place that never normally floods....

Lo and behold 3 days later we were watching the 6pm news and here before my very eyes was the exact same scene that was in my dream...I was really quite shocked that I had seen what was to come.

My dreams are very vivid and feel so real sometimes it takes a long time to shake them off if they are horrible circumstances that are occuring within them...

However this house I am now wanting to re-occur again so that I can write more down - this old house fascinates me ......I find it strange that one dreams the same dream over and over and over again about the same place without reason, what is more to find the same furnishings in the house I find even stranger...

I find it rather amazing that there is an area in this house that contains so much evil if I can put it that way...I am sitting at my computer right now and when I close my eyes I can see that part of the house, if I look from the top of the stairs to the left it fills me with apprehension, even in my imagination I cannot venture into that area of the house, the fear is so great, the one time that I told you as above that I went into the room is so vague I cannot remember the details as to why I went there but now wish I could.

I find your house fascinating also, I wished I could remember exactly the scenario but a number of years ago I went into a house, not like my house though that I knew I had been in before...I wished now I had written this down, I have lived in many countries and do not remember where it was..I am so glad I have logged onto this website and am finding others that dream similar, I thought I was the only one, I have never learned about dreams or past lives and being a christian tend to stay away from such things, however now curiosity has got the better of me......


Ever Confused

It sounds like you've had some pre-cognitive dream, which are usually completely useless if you can't spot the real life situation soon enough. Sometimes, though I think they are just meant to prepare us for what is to come.

As for the house, I think I can picture what the house looks like, but I cannot be sure of what era it would be in. The fact that there is a particular area of the house in which you are afraid to enter seems mighty significant, and perhaps the reason you are dreaming of this house every night is because you know on a subconsious level that you no longer are bound by the rules of that life and that you are free to enter that room or area if you wish too. Or perhaps something terrible occured in that room and you do not want to see what is in the room? Maybe you should try to force yourself to enter this room? Or before you go to bed say out loud, "I will face my fears and go into the room".

On the other hand, the house could be a representation of you. It could be how you view yourself and the various aspects of your life and personality and mind. Have you noticed the layout of the house changing throughout the years in accordance with any major events or changes in your life?

These are just my thoughts on the subject, but I hope they help you a little bit :thumbsup:



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Dreams are strange things. They can be a mixture of processing daily events, emotional issues coming up from the sub-conscious, messages from 'higher realms' (for want of a better description) and sometimes past life memories and various other unfathomable symbollic elements. In any case, they are usually significant of something, particularly if they recur and feel powerful.

I often dream of various different houses - there are about four or five which tend to recur more frequently than others. One is very large and made of glass, by the sea, another is old with many passageways, etc. similar to yours. I don't ascribe any past life associations to these however. They tend to reflect various present-life emotional states and feelings about my 'life' or my situation in general, relationships with friends and so on.

Good luck with your explorations.


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Okay, here is some information of my most recent PL:

My first name was Kimille and I was born to a Hispanic man and an African-American woman in 1958 or so in the South of the US. We lived close to a small town, and it was not a wealthy neighbourhood, but people had your typical Southern houses that were white and had porches going around them. I think I was an only child and possibly an accident - at least my parents didn't seem to want to be together. I don't have many memories of my father, but he was a nasty man.

I was close to my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. The latter two lived together close to us, and we spent a lot of time at their house with my Momma. We also went to church regularly.

When I was maybe 6 years old, my Momma and I moved to Brooklyn, NYC. We went there without my father, and I believe we escaped him. My uncle - Momma's younger brother - lived there and helped us to settle. I was sad to leave Grandma and Granna, but life was good in Brooklyn. My mother was cleaning public buildings, I believe, and she had to work a lot so she was away often, and tired when she was at home, but we were still happy, and the wonderful neighbourhood community took care of me. We lived in South Brooklyn, and I think I even know the buildings we lived in.

However, my Momma died when I was around 10 years old and at first I lived with my uncle. Pretty soon he decided to move to California and said I couldn't live with him there. He took me to California, but I went to live with a foster family. I think I lived in at least two different families, and unfortunately they were not good experiences. I also remember living in a small group home, which was a good place, but I'm not sure when this was exactly.

During that time I got to know a family - a young mother with a couple of children. The mother was a junkie trying to stay clean, but she failed soon. I was still feeling more at home with them than with my foster family, so I was helping the mother taking care of the children and befriended her oldest daughter, who was maybe five years younger than me. Later the mother died because of an OD and I ran away with her daughter, because I didn't want her to end up in a foster family like me. We lived in a couple of places with the people the girl's mother had known. When the girl died in a fire, I was put in a bigger group home. I had already gotten to know alcohol and drugs, and I continued my wild ways there with my new friends. I wasn't a totally lost cause yet - I went to school etc., but I also got pregnant twice and my life was starting to become a real mess.

In the end, when I was 16 or 17 years old, I ran away with my boyfriend and it's not a pretty story. My boyfriend was also my pimp, as we both needed money for drugs. We lived in a dirty apartment with other junkies and I don't think I went out at all in the last months or so. I died when my boyfriend beat me up, but I was happy and relieved to go, and was able to forgive the boyfriend as soon as my soul left my body.

I have often felt sad and powerless when I remember Kimille's life, but I like to think about the good moments there were, too. Besides, the dying moment I experienced in a dream was actually beautiful and gives me comfort. I also remember to be grateful for having such a different life this time around.



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Horrible past life related dream

I am pretty sure it was PL related anyway. I haven't posted in a long time but some of you may remember me. Anyway, this dream I had was very realistic. In my dream I looked nothing like my present self. I was much smaller in frame, with blond hair, fair skin. The dream was set in the American South in the 50's from the looks of it. I was in love with a black man in the dream though I don't remember him from the dream (what he looks like, his name, etc) I had a daughter with him but because of the things going on in the South in those days he was driven off (I don't think he was killed but the people of the town we lived in made him leave somehow). So my daughter and I lived with my mom and sister (also fair blondes like myself). My mom hadn't been happy about my baby being 1/2 black but she loved her and accepted us. My sister was much younger than me, like early teens or even pre-teen. But we couldn't go anywhere without people throwing things at us, insulting us, trying to hurt me or my daughter, etc and it was a hard life for all of us. People tried to kidnap my daughter at some point but I was able to save her. Finally there were some white men who tried to burn our home down. They threw some sort of torches into our home and we were injured but not killed but it was enough for my mom. She decided she would take my sister and run. But they wouldn't take my baby and I because she felt no matter where we went we would meet the same kind of trouble and she was basically tired of it even though she loved us. The end of the dream was of them leaving and me sobbing. I was sitting on the sidewalk with my daughter crying like crazy. No one felt sorry for me though except for a couple of Mexican field workers. They tried to help me up and I felt better that someone cared.

The dream was so real I woke up crying. My husband actually had to wake me up and ask if I was ok! I then relayed the dream to him and started crying while I was telling him about it all, especially about my mom and sister leaving. Also, before I went to bed last night I told myself I wanted a past life dream so I don't know, I guess I should be careful what I wish for, lol.

Peter V

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Odd dream lastnight...

I was walking into this darkened hall of sorts...it kind of looked like a museum with men from different periods standing behind glass on my right, with a long wooden bench extending the length of the hall on the left, facing the men on the right. I understood that I was somehow related to all the men on the right behind the glass. They weren't exactly mannequins, but they weren't live models either. It was a weird combination of the two...like mannequins with a "life essence" to them.

Anyways, I was walking down the hall looking at these figures on my right. I don't remember what they all were, but a figure of a late Norman soldier clad in chainmail with a blue painted shield and helmet was of particular significance. I was looking at this man and turned around to see the body of Napoleon sitting on the bench. He, like the others, was dead but in some way oddly alive. I sat down next to him and he told me, but not through speech, to lie down, relax, and put my head on his lap. I did so, and put his hand on my head. I remember I was surprised that his hand felt warm, considering this was his body (I was under the impression that he was embalmed), but again in a weird way I understood this made sense. So, I was lying on his lap and he began reminiscing with me about the time we shared together, like we were long lost good friends. I don't remember a single thing he said, but the dream went on all night. I only remember him saying, in a calming manner with a chuckle, "Heh, do you remember when..." and we just sat there reviewing our own past experiences and how I related to these figures before me.

I have to say this is the weeeirdest dream I've ever had.

Any thoughts?


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Hi Peter,

That dream certainly does sound weird ;) Do you think that the men in the 'museum' could have been your past life personas?

It is annoying when you've heard something in a dream and you know it would hold significance, but it's completely gone. It does fascinate me however :) I'm sorry if you've already mentioned it elsewhere, but do you have any memories of a life with Napoleon? :)

As you can probably read from the above I have no doubts that your dream was probably past life related. On the other hand - and only you will know this - some of the elements could be 'ordinary' dream-stuff (in lack of a better word:D), triggered by something in your current life. Do you have any clues as to what could have triggered this dream - past life related or not? :)

Peter V

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The impression I got was that each of those individuals behind the glass was me - sorta. Regarding the link with Napoleon, I've had dreams where I was being outfitted as a Hussar (Cavalry) in a quartermaster tent (see this thread: http://www.childpastlives.org/vBulletin/showthread.php?t=11432) in the middle of some field, but I've never had a dream of being directly related to Napoleon, and in my dream last night this wasn't the feeling I was getting either. It was more of an association through mutual experiences than a direct tie.


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Hello Mamakaykay - it's been a while and it's sooo nice to see you! :thumbsup: hug2.gif

Thanks for sharing this dream. It seems you are getting information on that particular PL little by little. Just stay patient and write down everything you get. I know it's difficult for you to find a moment to meditate with such a big family, but if the information is important, it will come through eventually one way or the other. :)

Take care and hug the kids for me!



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Hey Peter!

That certainly is a weird dream..... I have a possibility for ya....

I have heard of something similar used for meditation purposes but never in a dream. Some people think of walking on a time line and they can go forward or backward during a meditation to help them find out more about a past life. This is certainly interesting in your case, since it was in a dream and spontaneous.

I first thought of this as a possibility when I read your first post, it seems to be extremely similar to the theories I've read about.

I agree with Sunniva about it being past life related.

If you by chance happen to have this dream again, it would be interesting to see if you could "interact" with one of your past life persona's to find out more about your past lives. Do you keep a dream journal? It might be useful if you start to have more dreams like this. :D


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Hey MamaKayKay!- I remember you too! I don't think we talked much when you were here I at least remember you from your posts. :D

I don't know much about the south but I do know a little. It sounds more like the 1800's to me. I could be wrong, did you see any modern appliances like cars? If you've haven't ever seen the movie "Holes" you might want to look into it, it's a decent movie but I think that from the "flashbacks" you can see some of the same things you talk about. From the historical movies I've seen (which are few and far between) and some of the stuff I remember from history (which also isn't much :eek: ), I believe that they did throw torches through windows to start it on fire.

If you do a meditation or continue to have more dreams keep us posted, and you might want to pay attention to details to help figure out the time frame like...

  • type of transportation (Cars vs. Horse and buggy)
  • How the houses look (do they look modern or older?)
  • Clothing (was the clothing like t-shirt and jeans, more formal, or hat, trousers, and shirt combination, or something else?)



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Past life dreams or not?

Hello everybody,

I'm a new member, 18 years old and I have been very curious about Past lives for a while now. Within the past 6 or 7 months I have had three dreams that have really caught my eye or could be considered past life related. I will appreciate any response or guidance any of the more experienced members can provide.

First let me start off with some background info. Ever since I have learned about WWII, Communism, The Soviet Union, Cold War, etc, I have found myself very interested in anything that was being said about those subjects. I have found myself drawn to the national anthem of the USSR. I could literally sit here and listen to it all day(I'm listening to it as I type this). I believe I could have experienced a past life there or even multiple lives there. Here are the three dreams I had, please tell me your opinion:

Dream #1

In the dream I was a Russian solider guarding a gate. Probably I was around 35 years old, or something like that. I was carrying a gun. I felt like it was me even though it wasn't my body. Around the gate was mostly desert and sand. Beyond the gate there was this giant hill. Although I didn't get to see where it led I would imagine it was a military base.

I then woke up, and it was the most vivid dream I've had in a long time. I analyzed the dream, wondered where I was, and what I could of been doing there. At first I thought I could of been in Russia, but I thought that was highly unlikely because in the dream the weather was extremely hot. Then in my mind popped the answer Afghanistan. I knew it was the right answer, because right after I thought about it I got shivers down my spine. Unfortunately I doubt this could be backed up by any historical evidence.

Dream #2

This was probably the most vivid dream I have ever had. There was a photo shown of three men on horses. The man in the center of the photo was on a white horse. In the dream when I saw this photo my stomach had this weird feeling I can't really describe. I recognized the guy as myself. He appeared to be in his 50s or 60s with short white hair and a military uniform.

The dream then started to get a little weird. The photo came to life and I was watching this man and judging what type of person he was. I was in his house which was a mansion(weird because I don't think they had mansions in the USSR) and I heard this voice say how terrible of a husband he was to his wife and how terrible of a father he was to his children. The voice then proceeded to say that he "Would rather spend a day in the mountains adventuring on his own then spending time with his family".

After this I woke up(around 3:50 am) and couldn't stop crying. Honestly I don't think I have ever cried so much in my life. I couldn't get back to sleep afterwards either.

Dream #3

This dream was in first person so I have no idea if the person was my body now or another body. However, the dream felt very real. It took place on the Russian Countryside and the time felt like it was before cars and streets.

All of a sudden for some reason I'm running in the grass and I hear another language(I know its Russian in the dream, although I couldn't make out any of the words). Then I wake up.

What do you guys think? Could any of these be past life related?


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Hi kingkoopa,

Welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing your dreams with us.

Emotional reaction is a strong indicator that it may be past life in origin - and your comments regarding crying and not being able to fall back to sleep are what stood out most to me. I would say there is a strong possibility they are past life related - and I'd also encourage you to record your dreams in a journal and look for anything you can - that is ouside your realm of everyday experience - to validate your memories.

You may find the thread Characteristics of past life dreams to be helpful.

Are you interested in learning more about your past lives? You may want to read through the FAQ section - there's a lot of great information there. If you're interested - the thread How can I learn about my past lives? is a great place to start.

Good luck on your journey - and please keep us posted!



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Hi Kingkoopa and welcome onboard :) I hope you'll enjoy it here.

Thank you for sharing your dreams - I agree with the other that it does sound a lot like past life memories surfacing through them. You mentioned that there was no historical evidence to back up that you were a russian soldier in Afghanistan, but I disagree :) The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979.

Soviet Union in Afghanistan