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Discussion in 'Past Life Memories' started by a.j.newlife, Dec 31, 2015.

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    I believe this is a type of spiritual awakening. I actually have gotten a few mew clues into my Vietnam ordeal. I know the years 1968 and 1969 are very strong for some reason as well as a Quang province. I actually found an article on My Lai and started shaking so badly while reading the account of the incident. I actually think that I might have misinterpreted what I saw. I assumed that I killed the woman and toddler even though I never saw myself shoot them...

    I thought that maybe that fragment of the memory skipped since it was so painful, I was looking at her and when she turned then in the next frame flash she had blood on her face and fell back dead and I saw the toddler. I won't say I didn't kill them because I am not sure and I don't want to escape blame if I did, but I am now wondering if I witnessed it. I don't think I was at My Lai but involved in something similar at the time.

    I found an article that said there was a secret plan in the Quang province to suppress villages and relocate villagers in that area. Apparently there were a lot of My Lai type massacres that occurred and were never reported. I also am sure that I died of a gunshot wound to my head.

    With the more research I have done the more I have come to terms with the fact that so much happened in that war and so much was covered up... it has been healing. I have also been able to see two different life flashes in the last week. Its almost like I have been able to deal enough with it that the bottle I opened is now flowing.

    The other heartbreaking flash I saw was triggered by a music box my daughter got for Christmas. The music box plays swan lake and when she turned it on at dinner I had a flash of the three of us as a well off Polish family. We were shot by the Nazis when they came through and cleared out the bourgeois.

    Has anyone else been a Vietnam solider reincarnation or Polish Jew?
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    It seems it is starting to flow. Sometimes we remember more than one life and it can be because of some kind of theme that is common to both of them, possibly also connected to a present life issue that is bothering you. It will eventually make sense I'm sure!

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