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Was I A Spirit?


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I just completed a cross-country drive from California to New York. It was a heck of a journey both outside and inside. There are a lot of great people willing to help a traveler, and it seems the further from civilization you get, the more civilized people become.

But that's not where I'm going with this. Where I'm going happened in Wyoming out in the middle of nowhere, which seems to be the best description of Wyoming. (I jest!)

Anyway, the skies began darkening and soon thunder rolled across the sky as if in challenge to my car's rumbling exhaust system. Cracks of lightning punctuated the skies roaring voice and I had this feeling that I had been there before, when there was no road, no I-80, no cars, not even covered wagons.

I relaxed my mind and allowed myself some searching to see what was there. I looked for people, thinking maybe I was an early native. No, the feeling was much older. I looked for a scene, anything, but only came up with an image of open land.

I looked for a feeling, some point of reference. What I got was a feeling of being everywhere at once. There was a spiritual connectedness to everything. This wasn't a feeling that I got in my conscious being; that was still driving the car, watching the road for hazards, and staying alive. I would have dismissed that as road hypnosis. This was a feeling similar to what I'd get when experiencing a past life vision. That's where my conscious brain asked a question:

Was I a spirit at the time?

Is it possible that, when we have a strong feeling for a time and place but can make no PL connection, that we are remembering passing through that time and place as a spirit? If so, it's interesting, I think, to see that as spirits we do not meld into this one big cosmic consciousness but remain individuals with a cosmic connection to a greater whole.

I got to thinking about other times and places that I have a strong connection to without having a PL to go with it. Was I a spirit then, too? A disembodied observer enjoying watching this grand performance before stepping in to take my role?

... or was I just tired from the road?

Cheers, all! wine**


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Sounds like quite an experience.

In my view we are all 'spirits' all the time, it's just that our waking awareness is mostly focussed on what we are doing with our body, talking, thinking, eating or whatever. But our 'higher consciousness' is always there just the same.

Perhaps something about driving, the open space, the storm, or some kind of feeling of familiarity, triggered you to pop into your 'higher consciousness' for a moment or two?


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I believe we can be attached to places, things and have memories that are not our own.

One " memory " I had turned out to be a friends memory.. I first felt that that life was mine .. down to the pain I experienced with having a leg amputated.. I saw the whole event down to the little camp hospital operating room and the surgeon performing the surgery.

When I had gotten better at regression , I realised that that was my friends life and not mine. I had been strongly attached to this person and had in some way taken on his thoughts.. I never saw this person in that life as he died in that hospital surgery .

Also a soul can be remain in spirit but remain bound to a person living. I had a twin sister this life who was in spirit who stayed by my side until I became aware of her in spirit and did some spiritual work to help her move on from being " stuck" to me. So maybe she will have some of my memories ? or be attached to some things that she felt in those years she was attached to me .