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Watching Whales

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As long as I remember, I have had memory of seeing whales swimming in the sea. I remember that I watched them from harbor. I have always thought that this must have happened when I was a child and we were visiting our relatives with my parents. I thought that this happened in Helsinki.

Today I read on other forum some completely unrelated stuff and somebody wrote that there haven't been whale sightings in that time period (1980's) in Helsinki. I researched these things on the net and it became clear that I can't have seen whales in this life. I asked about this from my parents and they told that I cant have seen whales when I was child.

Today I also remembered something that happened 10 years ago. We went on a boat trip with my cousins in summer 1999. When we arrived to harbor in Helsinki that place felt familiar and I remembered instantly that memory of whales and associated that feeling of familiarity to my memory of whales.

I have had this memory as long as I remember and it can be described in one sentence; I watch swimming whales from the harbor. I also remember that it was bright sunny day and there were steel "pillars". I don't know the right word but I mean those short thick steel poles with inverted j-shape. When I saw those in 1999 I instantly remembered that whale thing.

I don't remember that I was with my parents or that I was in Helsinki or even in Finland. I have just thought that I must have seen whales from there and I must have been with my parents because I thought that this was normal memory from this life. Since nothing like that have happened in my present life, this must be either false memory or past life memory.

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