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What are the spiritual consequences of intentionally harming another person's life


In today's age with the internet, there is a new type of crime which uses the internet to ruin, stalk, and harass people, often to the point the victim commits suicide. Since the law has not caught up with these crimes yet, many perpetrators escape prosecution, despite knowingly and intentionally inflicting malicious harm to their victims, and they take pleasure in inflicting this harm. I am wondering what is the spiritual consequences of doing this for the next reincarnation of the perpetrator, and what are the consequences for their soul?

Larger picture, what are the spiritual/next life consequences of stalkers, psychopaths, and sociopaths who have no morals and have no issues trying to harm others if they are not punished in the current life? Will the victim be able to reincarnate into a position to return the karma in a future life?
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I look at what I experience from an opposite perspective: all that I experience now, both directly and indirectly, is the direct result of my current beliefs, emotions, focus, and it doesn't depend on anybody else, nor on chance. So, I intuitively interpret everything that attracts my attention, as deep as I can with the help of my inner guidance, and I draw lessons and guidance only for myself, that I then apply.

Somebody recently posted that he doesn't believe that life here is like a school. I agree: it is like a kindergarten. We are like kindergartners who don't even know that we have to learn not only play, and who know even less how to do that.

One's own anger brings into his experience more situations that will cause him anger, amplifying it. It is the same with every emotion. Love peace and fairness; don't hate war and injustice! See yourself healthy; don't see yourself cured!