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What do you think the “in-between process” is like after dying and before being reborn?


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I honestly have some good ideas after reading this article: https://www.sentinelandenterprise.c...re-we-reincarnated-we-get-to-choose-our-life/

You get to choose your life. There are “teachers” in heaven, guides who help you decide what life you will live next. You are given three to four options, with at least one of them involving reincarnating into the family you had in your previous life. You are shown what each life, if you chose it, would be like, almost like watching a movie. When I died as Thomas Stone in late 2004 (possibly on December 12th 2004), I somehow remember learning about the Troubles in Ireland at my secondary school in Staffordshire, England. I thought to myself “Ireland might be interesting. I might learn more about the Troubles“, so I chose to be reincarnated into Ireland. It may have also been that I had spent several past lives in England, and I wanted to reincarnate into another country for a change. The package offered to me included reincarnating as an autistic person. This was good for me, as I, as Thomas Stone, was a kind, caring and compassionate person and I wanted to teach people about kindness.

The next time I die, I’m going back to England. Hopefully, I don’t die for a long time from now.
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Good morning, AP123. Although we only have the ability to speculate on these matters, this seems to be a popular scenario and one which I find interesting. I believe in guides and concerted intelligence working with us on the other side of this great creation. I feel close to this spiritual realm and practice connecting to it daily. As to the specifics of where and when we reincarnate, well, I'm sure in this vast expanse of wonder, there are some mind-blowing concepts we can't even imagine. I love the uncertainty... the mystery. The geography of our world is important in our small way; I, too, love the idea of my past lives in England. I would love to see through the eyes of all my great grand-ancestors, not to see the darkness and pain that surely they all experienced but to somehow touch the kinship of culture and place. I do feel connected to them and their lives. And I suppose, in some ways, we might even retain some form of bio-quantum-residual memory... like how acorns pass on the life of great Oaks. I try not to dwell so much on what's to come in future lives but to influence today with mindfulness of now. And in moments of reflection, allow my ancestors and past lives to flutter around my nostalgia.

Happy trails... ~Tman