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What does your user name say about you?


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I am curious why members pick the names they do. Is it your real name? A past life name? A symbolic name? What does your user name mean to you?

Mine - really is Deborah. :coffee:


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The user name "Nightrain" holds multiple meanings for me which make just about any spelling appropriate. Night Train and Night Rain. During my working career in New York much of my life was spent riding on commuter trains at night. When I bought my brand-new Harley in late 1998 it was a blacked-out Nightrain FXSTB. Thereafter, I was known for riding it often at night in the rain, and the name stuck.


I have always like ancient times like the dinosuar times and very early mankind. But I had no books or reference to them when my son was born. Yet my son always loved dinosuars. I bought him the Chevron cars and others. And he had no interest in them at all. He always wanted dinosuars even if they were just from the dollar store. I remember taking him where they were working with those big bull dozers and other road equipment and once to the ship channel where a big ship was making a u-turn...and nothing, no excitement at all. He has seen all dinosuar movies including old Godzilla movies. Even asked for them at 1/2 price book stores (and found some). To this day 16yrs later he still would rather have a dinosuar then some ole car. One of our favorite dinos is the raptor (he was born in 95). And that is where my user name came from.

Raptor95 :cool


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I'll admit I'm really bad at picking user names and if I could "do over" I would.

Any way, Kemet was the ancient Egyptian name for the country of Egypt. Since that is one of my strongest and most precious past life memories, I chose the name Kemetic.

The 18...just random numbers. :rolleyes:


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mine's not too deep lol. i was watching "Dr Who" w/ David Tennant as the Doctor and he always says "whaaaaaaattt?" and that's how i chose my name Dr What :butbut:


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Over three years ago, after beginning to doubt everything I'd been taught to believe, I started on a personal quest. All my life I had been told how things were and what I needed to have faith in, yet nothing made sense. Filled with questions, confusion, and an overall discontent I set out to try and find out the truth about life, the world, the universe, and spirituality. It was along that path that I started taking reincarnation seriously. I had memories and feelings that I wanted to know if they were real or just an overactive imagination. So, I joined the forum looking for answers. I joined as a "truthseeker".

That's also why I chose Agent Mulder from the X-Files as my avatar. The catchphrase from the show was "the truth is out there."


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When we first got an internet connection at home, and I was not yet familiar with how it all worked, it was the time my son was a huge Pokemon fan, and often had me watch him playing that game on the gamecube etc. So, when it was time to choose a nickname for chat and other things, I was at a total loss of what to pick. And then he said : ok, mom, what is your favorite female pokemon? and I answered : 'Eevee'.

And that is how I got my nickname..... :D


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Arrant is a name I've used on forums and various other websites for years. It's actually a foreshortened version of ArrantMaverickLibertine, which I was offered by MSN many years ago when they still had chat rooms and I needed to give myself a handle.

Arrant sounded a little like "errant", which stated a fundamental truth about all of us; Maverick was the callsign of Lt. Pete Mitchell (aka Tom Cruise) in the movie Top Gun (which, as a pilot and movie fan, appealed hugely), and libertine - well, I don't regard myself as one, but it sounded contentious, which I liked. So ArrantMaverick Libertine I became, until I got fed up with the long handle and became plain "Arrant".


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My name is an amalgam of a stupid thing and my middle name.

Delon is a name of some cosmetic thing that sells deodorants, whereas Ada is my middle name. The name Ada I originally chose as my middle name in remembrance of Ada Lovelace, the daughter Lord Byron, and also the first programmer.


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Mine is twofold really, this reason and another, my original Zodiac sign (until they started messing with them) is/was Cancer, the sign of the Crab, now Cancer is one of the three Water signs and also certain variants of crabs are known to be around water, so this is Reason Number One.

The best version I can think of for Reason Number Two was when I was much younger, I was on an amateur, after school swim team and the coaches noticed that I loved the water.

"hydro" is the abbreviated name for hydropower, that is electricity generated from the movement of large amounts of water (usually a large and powerful river).

So (water = hydro + boy = lad) hence "hydrolad" (the water boy, NOT the football team variety).

So THIS is my rather convoluted explanation of my nickname or user name, so you can forget to call me by my "nickname", but please don't forget to call me for Supper (and if you're the least bit curious, just ask me what's on a "Southern" table some nights!) [bIG Grin] ;)


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Truthseeker's quest sounds familiar to me, although mine came from a much less organized and clear cut desire to obtain truth. Rather I was completely and absolutely focused on a career, family and living a material life when I suddenly had to begin dealing with the life-altering lucid dreams and visions that began with a veritable bang. My initial struggle was an effort to find out what was happening to me. It took a psychiatrist friend, then a psychic, an akashic reader and hypnotherapist, and alot of meditation to understand the universe was forcing me to change my direction (I hadn't been listening and required a 2x4 to the head to get it). Through my efforts it became clear that so many people we deal with on a daily basis have had significant impact on us in previous lives, as have we on them (my entire biological family, portions of my wife's, our immediate group of friends, all have past life connections...and my personal count is growing). The roles we play for each other, both past and present are wonderfully and intricately woven through millenia.

Thus, my name is a tribute to those previous existences when I "usetawuz" another individual...that combined with having returned from rural Virginia and a bourbon fueled discussion about the local penchant for using one word in lieu of three or four (i.e. "huaxtyu" for "who asked you", and several other colloquial bon mots).

Saint Kevin

I remember being the first person ever named Kevin; that person became Saint Kevin.

And my name is Kevin.

So, it works out nicely.

be kind to others


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Say my username slowly.... :D

Couldn't get my own name for any email addresses anywhwere without a bunch of numbers behind it so I changed it to a shortened version of my name. And it turns out it's Hawaiian for Dwayne!


I had been "lurking" on this forum for years, and finally decided to join one day.

I couldn't think of anything, so I looked around the room for ideas. I had a crystal lamp on the table beside my desk, and I like the number 4, so there you go, crystal_44.

My real name is actually Rachael.


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I picked mine out of pure fantasy, it's the name of a cute anime movie. I go by the same handle on many other forums, but I picked something else to kind of buffer the two interests and keep it from showing up on searches.

Sister Grey

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I love Totoro. He’s from my favorite movie. Okay, so maybe Howl’s Moving Castle is my favorite movie. But I do love Totoro. :D

I picked my name because I was losing my sister, had lost my brother a few years before, and I loved knowing I was someone’s sister. I miss her so much, and I will never feel like I belong anywhere else as much as I did with my siblings.

Grey has a dreary reputation. But I feel comfortable in twilight and fog and what some people call ‘the in-between worlds’. And grey isn’t just ‘grey’. As an exercise I learned in art classes - take time to notice all the shades of grey you see on your way home, or on a walk.


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I met with a mental block when I was trying to think of a user name for this forum. I was very unorginal at the time and just started at the beginning of the alphabet. :( :butbut:


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I registered for this forum YEARS ago it feels like. I was young, and my name kind of speaks for itself. Yes, one of my favorite past times is dreaming as they are entertaining as hell and sometimes as weird and random as all get-out in full techni-color pretty much.

So, statement of my life- I am a dreamer. ^__^


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I'm new here, but this is probably as good a place as any to jump in.

"Earthblood" is a name I've used in various places for quite a while now. It reflects rather well my passionate connection to the land, its power and its cycles. I feel a bit pagan in that sense.


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I'm just a guy that loves to tinker. If its there... I wanna fiddle with it... life too.


Mr. Mike

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My real name is.... wait for it..... Mike!

I picked this nickname because amongst all the many nicknames I have been given by toddlers this is by far the most frequently used.


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Do you remember the 1980's movie "Short Circuit"? The robot's name was johnny5. My profile name has many connections here; my first name is (enter guess here), it was one of my favorite movies as a child and I can remember trying to make replicas of Johnny5 with my legos, and Johnny 5 says in the movie when he has almost been destroyed "Johnny5..alive". I find this to be a perfect name sense it plays on the subject matter perfectly.


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My two living children have the same initials, HRB. They call me Mama. So do the spirit children I have been in contact with, including two who were miscarriages.