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What does your user name say about you?


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There is another meaning, one which has long been familiar to me. Not so many miles away, in the Derbyshire Peak District, there are old mine workings as well as natural caverns, with some charming names. The "Speedwell Cavern" goes deep underground, and there it is possible to take a trip on a small boat. That has always sounded both mysterious and magical to me, so it adds an extra resonance.

I've been on the boat trip in Speedwell Cavern, many years back. Highly recommended if anyone is in the Peak District :)


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My username Dana was originally supposed to be a part of my name from birth. Originally, I was meant to have two first names (Dana Angela) but my mom just decided to not include the former when I was being registered to the census.

Also, Dana can have a lot of meanings, depending from which region it came from. According to my mom, the name means "perfect pearl" in Arab. In Hebrew (and virtually to any other European language except Irish), the name means "God is my judge".

The second meaning seems to be more appropriate for me in my opinion, I have been judged horribly already anyway.


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The melon part is derived from my pet lovebird who has the same name (due to her appearance). The numbers refer to my birth year.


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Whenever I’d think of an alias to call myself by, Erica (or sometimes Edith) would always be what came to mind. And for some reason I always saw Erich as being akin to my own real name and subconsciously identified with it.


For me, this account is chiefly centered on one of my past-lives which I've some vivid recollections of and the other half of it is very blurry and not vivid at all. More felt through emotion, sensation and sound. "In search of" because I hope one day to reconnect with other family members from that life and "1785" being the year that I was born in that life.


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It's an OLD username for me. The silver comes from my original silver power ranger character from fanfiction 😅 , and Genji is a nickname I was given by my BFF 20+ years ago. It's also the name I use when talking to myself, as in "come on, Genji, get out of bed already".