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Why We Remember What We Do (A Notion)


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First off, Merry Christmas! *tree**dance*

Second, and the main idea I'm putting forth, is something that popped into my head while I was writing an article.

Personally, I don't believe in fate. I believe that the things that happen to us that seem pre-ordained are actually the result of several variables that sometimes occur in strange coincidences. However, assuming that there is such thing as fate or destiny, it could possibly play a role in what memories come up.

Obviously, we remember deaths. Death has a way of de-railing your plans. Other events might not seem so obvious. Why would we remember being three years old and playing at the beach? Of what use to our lives is remembering being an over-worked housewife in a Victorian-era tenement slum? What are we to learn from a fleeting image of walking along a dirt road with a heavy sack over your shoulder?

I posit that these seemingly insignificant moments are points in time where our lives changed course, whether we knew it or not. It didn't have to be a big, dramatic event. No wave had to sneak up and try to drag you out to sea, you just enjoyed the beach and the ocean and developed a fascination with ships and the sea, later becoming a sailor. Without the beach you might have become something else. It was a decision point whether you knew it or not.

What about events that seem to have no impact? Perhaps you're reading in your study, unaware that someone who is going to have a huge impact on your life just stepped off the train down at the station (or even made the decision to travel to your town in the first place). Maybe, while playing at the beach, the moment you remember is the same moment a ship was lost at sea, the story of which reaching your young ears will lead you to become a designer of safer ships, or to work to pass laws aimed at the safety of crew and/or passengers.

What is the purpose of having these flashes of memory? Well, that leads to my other strange notion, the interconnectedness of things. Things around us move like the notes in a symphony. All that is good and beneficial to life, love, peace, and goodwill is in harmony with that symphony. Things that are detrimental come off like false notes. Yes, bad things happen all the time, but perhaps at those seemingly insignificant moments we have had a flash of attunement to the symphony. The false note rang in our spiritual ears, or the chord was so pure and powerful, and we noticed it even if we could not identify it. The purpose of these memories, then, is to teach us to identify our part in the symphony that we may sound true and teach others to as well. When the whole symphony is back in tune, when we are all playing for life, love, peace, and goodwill, ah, Paradise!

Learning to recognize those forks in the road helps us choose the path most "in tune" with the symphony. We remember those moments so we can choose well the next time we have to make a decision that may have very deep consequences.

Just my thoughts this morning!