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Will she accrue karma, have to learn lessons?


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This is my sister who is 33

She ignored me for years 2005-2012, reacted angrily, spoke angrily,selfish, bossy in the house, put me down a lot, not reciprocate anything, disrespectful, not tell anything ever, lie, play games, self absorbed, spoke to me with one word

Do not reciprocate anything to me,

Personal to me why does she want to know,

Don´t say nothing, don´t reciprocate

Twists things such as evidence

Don´t stand up, never, leaves things

Never know

She says nothing ever


She said why do I wish to know the music

Tells any info

Tells nothing to me

Never listen, disrespect, tells nothing,

She controls

She doesn´t care, she just ruins my dignity

She says nothing to me


And she believed anything people say, they could make fake stuff up

Overall, what´s her problem, she´s gone against me, and her own parents

Over the top narcissist

But why and she didn't stand up to me to that cousin bully, she tells lies and tells nothing to me, a complete disregard for me and my father

She says everything to them, nothing to me ever


and made it look like in the problem

she did not say nothing to him, she said you say it, she lied

She doesn't listen to me approaching women and don't tell others

Overall what's her problem? It ruins my dignity, takes away my power

She said regarding the years I've endured bullying, abuse from the cousin

"all in my head"

"I've got Mental issues"

"That cousin has done nothing wrong"

"You say it that I've reported him"

"If you got issues speak to him"-im not the one with the problem

"Why don't you talk to him"


She made me look like a liar when I reported the cousin to the police a few times, the quotes are her words, she did not stand up to me and she for sure will get angry

Her image matters too much, she is careless and cruel

She says nothing to me and for sure, a liar, disrespectful, allows games to be played, I say because how I got treated, she is sorta ruining my dignity, she doesn't listen

She is manipulative and a controlling element l, very disrespectful, bossy etc, no right to treat me

At this age, very appealing of her, she didn't care about the bullying, she tells lies, doesn't tell me anything, she is sort of knows what's she's doing, sort of controlling things, very entitled person
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hi dummy, i can't tell if you're asking for participation or just expressing yourself artistically. i really liked your other post just before this, "some insights" i liked the way it rhymed and thought it was some good wisdom that seemed channeled from your heart.

i have had a challenging sibling in this life. during our time together, it can feel too long. and our time apart i think- people challenge us, so we can work on something inside ourselves. cant worry about the ones who dont behave right or dont play nice. but we can choose how to grow- how to respond, how we wish to be. we make our adjustments. and when its all said and done, some of our toughest most unbearable experiences end up being our greatest arsenal-

it'll be good when you're free from her abuse. and one day you may see how she made you stronger too.

dont worry about unknown future karma. everyone has a lesson to learn.

You wrote:
You attract who you are, thoughts attract things
You get what you give
Change your beliefs
Have you considered that you attracted, and attract, the negative experiences that you described above?

So maybe, you should identify and change your detrimental beliefs (?).