Zachary's Past Life Comments

Discussion in 'Children's Cases - Archive' started by Denilea, Nov 21, 2008.

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    These are a couple of the things Zachary has told me so far. He just turned four on the 8th of November. The last couple, actually the earlier ones by date, I'm not sure if they're related to past lives, seeing spirits or possibly both.

    Last night, while I was reading posts here, Zachary was playing on the floor with his cars and trucks and all of a sudden he said in a very sad little voice. "Mommy, I miss my other ages, but they moved far away." I think he meant friends his age, so I asked him, do you mean other little kids your age, he sayd yes. Then he kept saying I miss my friends, but they moved far away, like Canada is far away, but not Canada, but far like that...(Canada is the farthest he's been from home) He also mentioned the name George, I think he called him Big George, but then when I tried to ask him about him, he wouldn't tell me anymore. He said he had two little friends, and that both were boys. He is home with me all the time, and doesn't have two friends that moved away, so I think it could have been past life related.

    These stories are a bit older....

    8 - 14 - 08

    I was talking to Zachary, not sure exactly what about, but something I said about when I was little, and he was like, "Yeah, I remember"....which isn't what surprised me, because he insists he has always been here, so I wasn't about to argue, so I think I said oh ok, and then...he pointed his little finger at me, and very clearly said....Hey, I took care of YOU when YOU were little! I tried to get more out of him, but then he seems to get confused, but I think it's very possible that he's remembering some sort of past life memory, bit by bit maybe. He's always very sure of what he says on his own, but as soon as I ask more, then he changes the subject or ignores me.

    1- 28- 08

    Last night Zachary said when he was big before he rode on trains (he loves trains now!!) Today he said he knew Gordon (his daddy) when he was big before. He hasn't told me too much else yet about it. It seems like he'll answer very quickly, but then the more you try to ask at the same time, he'll get distracted, so maybe one question at a time is best right now. He doesn't even take time to think when he answers, he just tells me, but at least so far, asking him more isn't working. I don't want to push him or anything, just thought it was kind of interesting and wanted to write it down (or type it I guess) before I forget anything.

    (Zachary was about 2 1/2 at this time)

    The past few days, Zachary has been saying names of people he doesn't know. I'm sure there is some meaning, just haven't figured it out yet.

    A few days ago, he came in the bathroom, and said "Where Daddy" I told him Gordon was in the living room, then he said "Where Becky?" We don't know anyone named Becky so I know he's never heard that name before from any of us. Nothing he watches on TV has a Becky in it either.

    Then, Today he kept saying Pap-Pap. He doesn't call anyone Pap-Pap, so that was a little surprising too, but we used to call my mom's father that sometimes, or Pappy too, but he died back in 1999, so Zachary wasn't around yet then.

    Later today, he was pretending to talk to someone named Charmaine, or else he was talking about a Charmaine on the phone. (playing with Gordon's cell phone) My sister had worked with a Charmaine years ago, but no one was talking about her or has for a long time, anyway, I don't think that was who he meant.

    So, now I'm just trying to figure out who all these people might be. I'm sure he knows, but still isn't quite able to tell me. I do still see him pointing and talking a lot, so most likely maybe these are the people who are visiting him, but would so much love to know more.

    I did mention this to my mom today, and she said that she had an Aunt Becky, but I never heard of her before, so it's not like Zachary would have overheard us talking about her ever.

    6 - 28 -07

    Zachary was talking about Pap-Pap again today. We were in the bedroom sitting on the bed trying to get Gordon up this morning and first he pointed to my sister Lacey's picture and said Lacey. Then he pointed to another and asked who it was my niece Jenna. Then he started saying Paa....then PaPa...then finally Pap-pap. It was a little strange since he was just talking about the pictures I have on the wall, so I asked him where is Pap-Pap? He pointed up at the ceiling and was very happy.

    So, later I was telling my sister Kathie...we were at her house. Then we asked Zachary if Pap-Pap was there, he said no, so then we asked him where is Pap-Pap, and he said "At Home."

    He hasn't mentioned anyone else for a few days, but still talks alot like he's talking to someone. He's saying so much more every day though, so I'm sure he'll be telling me alot more soon.

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