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A while back I had some "visions" of a future life. It seemed pretty legit, even though I'm not even sure I believe in that. (I got a full name, date and location of birth...) Anyway, I thought it would be cool to make a "time capsule" to be discovered later. What would you put in it? Letters of course, and I found one of my baby teeth I still have saved for some reason. Any other cool ideas?

My dear uncle Conrad.
He loved that square-eyed helmet so much he'd rather wear it than a state-of-the-art helmet the Byzantines gifted him. He also liked wearing orange. Conrad preferred to use his sword two-handed, but for the purposes of this illustration I gave him a shield.
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It is a modified nasal helmet. He commissioned it after he became king and there's an emerald set in the centre. After his death he left it to me, I wore it to remember him. I left it to my eldest son but don't know what became of it afterwards.

Recently I've been looking at Fritz (medieval scribe PL)'s portraits of PLs + family. I like his art style and want to continue his project of drawing all my past lives. This is Henry.
Response to the question: “What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you?”


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Found the person who lived in 1519. Wonder if they had anything to do with Tenochtitlan.
Reminds me of that time I had a dream where it flashed up like on a screen "1871" and there were images of ships and I had a feeling it was really important somehow.
Got a carton of coconut water today because it's my favorite drink ever, and it actually says on the carton, "do you believe in reincarnation? this carton does, so please recycle it."