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Dublin Foundling Hospital/Workhouse 1700's

dark rosaleen

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Hi, vanhalen 50one50,

Thanks for the input. In fact, that past life influenced me to major in German in school. (Big mistake; I've never held a job that had anything to do with foreign language skills :rolleyes: .) In retrospect, I was quite determined to get "back" to Germany one way or the other. When I went there, however, very little was familiar. It was like seeing two images, one overlaid on the other--one a familiar landscape, the other a foreign country.


Possibly because it was the most recent, I have clear memories of being Anna. Most of them are little snaps of everyday life. For instance, it was the bane of Karl's existence that our apartment's water pipes would spit air instead of water every morning. For some reason, he thought the problem could be fixed by swearing and banging on the pipes. :rolleyes:

We were happy together, but never had any children. That's another story for another day.

Anna died in the late 1940's or '50's, while trying to escape to West Germany.

It used to puzzle me that I remembered the border as a no-man's-land rather than a wall--until I learned that there was no wall outside of Berlin.

At any rate, Anna/I was shot. I believe the injury was to the spine, since I couldn't move or feel any pain.

I remember telling Karl to leave me and go, and that he was in a quandary over what to do. I was very distressed that he wasn't leaving. Love and logic don't mix well. After that, nothing. Presumably, I woke up a new person :confused: who had strange thoughts, like, "Why am I a kid?" and "Is that ME in the mirror? Do I look like her?"

It's strange to think about having living relatives from a past life, isn't it? You don't want to throw their lives into an uproar, yet you can't help but wonder what if...


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It is very fascinating.

I seem to remember a member here, Phoenix (haven't seen her around much lately btw??), whose last incarnation was Heinrich Himmler. Do I remember it all wrong or did she try to contact his/her daughter from that pl?

I'll see if I can find the thread...

Okay, I found it...unfortunately Phoenix stopped posting in the thread, so we won't know whether she actually got through to Gudrun or not...