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past life regression

  1. SleeplessFox

    Dr Masayuki Ohkado - How Real are Past Life Experiences under Hypnosis (2019)

    I wonder if anyone on the board has already discovered this great lecture by Dr. Masayuki Ohkado: He did a very neat job here with an amazing empiric based structure!
  2. SleeplessFox

    Xenoglossy case of Rasa / Rataraju (Japanese - Nepalese)

    I recently discovered this very intriguing case of xenoglossy under hypnosis: http://www.debbietaylor.co/speaking-in-tongues/ other sources: http://newxenoglossy.blogspot.com/ The xenoglossy cases I knew so far were located within European languages (for example the "Jensen" case...
  3. A

    Confusing Tudor Era Past Life Regression?

    I had a past life regression but halfway through, everything became scarily focused on this woman. This didn't go to plan like the other ones I have done. I saw things but it was like I was fighting against myself from seeing anything. The door I opened was black with metal bars holding the...
  4. AtrixWolf

    Likely A Glimpse

    I have found to get more of a progress with listening to a 7 chakras stimulationg prior to doing a past life regression. I get relaxed and it helps me ground myself, by the time it reaches the third eye, I am in such a deep state of relaxation that I don't hear, but am aware. The first time I...
  5. F

    Has anyone else been traumatized by a past life?

    (warning: trauma/war; I don't know I just feel like I should warn people) Hi, I'm new here. I came here because I accidentally remembered near all of my past lives... and it's bad. I started with a past life regression hypnosis I found on youtube, and I remembered my life from 1942-1970. I...
  6. Thyme

    Choosing a body

    Does anyone remember anything like this? This is something I saw in one of my auto-hypnosis sessions. It's hard to explain in words everything that happened in that place. I think it was a memory of my soul choosing some body to reincarnate, I don't know. That's why I'm asking if it happened...
  7. N

    My Past Life Experience, It Made Me Believe

    I was stressed with my recent breakup and just wanted to have a bit of fun so I decided to do a past life regression thing on youtube. I was doubtful as I didn't think someone talking to me could do much. He told me to walk through a door and I found myself floating over treetops, the leaves...
  8. chief1734

    Past life "War stories"

    Hello, I'm chief I created this thread for anyone who would like to share thier past life memories of being in war I myself have been in the first holy war(knight of the holy crusades), WW1-english footsoldier WW2- paratrooper 82nd airborne division Vietnam-Leutenant, 82nd airborne infantry...
  9. U


    Hello, I am in a moment of my life where searching for meaning is necessary. I am new here in this forum. I am from Portugal and recently someone who meant a lot to me passed away. I would like to find out more about karmic relationships. I am trying to figure out a lot of things and understand...
  10. J

    Think I've discovered my past life and I'm a teen... but I'm not sure?

    I'm currently fourteen years old, and two years ago, I stumbled upon one of the most gruesome and disturbing stories ever. It was about the abduction-torture-murder of a high school student in lates 1980's Japan. I felt overwhelmingly sympathetic to the victim and her loved ones but also quite...
  11. I

    Experienced Past Death with my Roommate?

    Okay, so my roommate and I are college students and we have never ever met in our life. We did not know each other until she was transferred to one of my classes, but when we talked, we instantly connected, so anyways My roommate and I were driving last night and we went to pull into a parking...