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The Original ABC Primetime broadcast on a child's past life


Thanks for the feedback. The essence of the right word is hard to capture. The phenomena of reincarnation is an experience and one word does not do it justice.

I have read some of the other comments about fundamentalist Christians. sometimes I wonder what they would do If Jesus appeared to them. I have a very strong faith in God and am not about to claim I have all the answers. We can put ourselves in a tidy little box of faith and miss the whole show because the lid keeps us from seeing the real picture.

We are most often in the dark when we are the most certain, and the most enlightened when we are the most confused. I was quite confused and dismayed about all of this, but that is no longer true.

Hi Bruce

I believe the minute you claim to know all the answers or truth to anthing in life or the universe, you simply stop growing and learning as an individual - all creation and life is in a constant flux of change - even as a species we constantly evolve, so to remain so static and stuck to one concept of truth is just to become stale and stagnant and cease any further growth in any area.

With you and Andrea as parents, no wonder James is such a free spirited and intelligent little boy - you allow him to grow as you do still yourselves, rather than confine and suffocate him by molding him to your own sense of what he should be ;)
HI Bruce,

I must say - you have a wonderful way with words - almost poetic:

The event of having the spirit of an Angel manifest its spirit in my son has been a gift. But there is a Navy of Angels awaiting each of us. When it is our turn to move on to the next level of consciousness to make a great landing on that heavenly deck it will our turn to catch the wire. We will then get our own set of wings.
You mentioned you were writing a book about Natoma Bay - May I ask, is it a historical approach? A spiritual one? Or a combination of both? In any case -I wish you good luck with life and all that you do.
I'm not fainting, Bruce!

I want to thank Bruce and Andrea for having the courage and the conviction to go on ABC Primetime with me. As all of you who saw the segment know, they told their story beautifully. You would have thought they did TV interviews all the time!

I am grateful to Bruce for doggedly pursuing his investigation of James's memories, beyond what most people would do, especially someone who did not believe in reincarnation at all when this began. That says a lot about him as a person and as a parent. He had to find the truth; he had to get to the heart of the matter. And he did. I know what a leap in faith and thinking he had to make in opening himself to what was happening. He made that clear to me in our first phone conversation, when he opened by saying, "I just want you to know that I'm a Christian." Well, he still is.

Andrea ran with it. Each time we talked, I could tell that her intuition was becoming more keen. Once she found out that it was safe and beneficial to talk to James about his memories, she understood more and more how to be with him when he was remembering. I look forward to the day when she writes a book with her very peronsal observations about James's memories. I think that it will be a gift to all adults and children. (Positive reinforcement, Andrea.)

I also want to thank Shalini Sharma of 20/20 who initiated this project. I know the Leiningers agree that she opened the door for all of us. She wanted to see ABC do a good story about reincarnation, and set the tone for the piece. She gained our trust. Without her, we probably would not have gone ahead with the show.

Thank you, thank you. Well done!
Hello, all. I agree that it was extremely courageous of Bruce and Andrea to go forward with this. Thanks to Carol for helping them understand what James was describing...and to Andrea's and my mom for recommending Carol in the first place. In retrospect, there are any one of a number of places where this "chain" could have come disconnected. That it did not is a testimony to the faith of a number of people. I am just thankful that, through James, James M. Huston Jr. is not lost at all.
Jeff and Dorothy
Jeff and Dorothy,
It's so true: at any point this could have disconnected. The way in which it all came together is a testimony to a power totally beyond us. We did do "the work," but it all fell into place, in a way none of us could have expected.

When Shalini Sharma of 20/20 originally contacted me, she said they wanted a child's story related to war. I didn't think that I had one, so I pulled up my archived files of more than 1,000 email cases. Most of them hadn't been investigated in any depth, because I simply don't have time to follow up on every one. I swear I was led right to the Leiningers' email, out of so many. From what Andrea said in the email, I wasn't sure if the case had substance, because Bruce had just started his research. It was long before he identified James as being James Huston.

That was just one of the pieces that fit together. There are many more that makes this whole process miraculous, and as Bruce so aptly put it, very difficult to describe in words. There is definitely divine orchestration working here.

Walter -Welcome to the forum :)

I haven't read your book yet -but I know several members here who highly recommend it!
Return of Revolutionaries

Dear Deborah,

Thanks for the positive feedback regarding my book. I have been in communication with Carol and Steve, and I plan to use the Prime Time segment and a segment from Steve's documentary at expos and presentations. This weekend, I am speaking at the New Living Expo in San Francisco. In the program guide, I am featured right next to John Gray and Dannion Brinkley, which is a big step forward for me. Expo promotors have been very supportive of my work, as have other expo speakers and keynotes. I think I will be appearing at these expos in the coming years on a regular basis. So we are all making progress on several fronts. The more we work together, the greater the impact we will have.

I totally support the work that Carol and Steve have been doing. My particular passion is the sociological change that reincarnation can bring. One of the most important cases in existence involves Barbro Karlen, who has written a book about her memories of being Anne Frank. It is a classic childhood memory case. Barbro was also a childhood writing prodigy, like Anne, and she has the same facial features as Anne. Even a board member of the Anne Frank Foundation, who knew Anne when she was alive, believes Barbro is the reincarnation of Anne.

Barbro was born Christian in this lifetime. In my presenations, I always point out that if the German people knew that one could be born Jewish in one lifetime and Christian in another, then there could never have been a Holocaust. I also refer to evidence of reincarnation as an "Antidote to 9/11." Barbro's case is on my website, www.johnadam.net, though I did not post images. I can post images on this forum if people are interested.

So in many ways, reincarnation research is vitally important. It indeed consititues the next great evolutionary step for humanity.

Best Wishes, Walter
Thank You So much for your post Walter. Is there a link to the New Living Expo or a phone number for people to contact so they can attend? I know we have several members in the Bay Area -me included. Who knows- I might even be able to make it. :)

I am running to class soon. More later.
Walter Semkiw,

I am sincerely flattered by your interest in the Primetime story that involves my son James and our family. This was a difficult and challenging journey of discovery and reinforcement of my Christian faith and belief in God. I do not believe the past life of my son is contrary to my Christian faith; it is a manifestation of the human spirit which is what Gods promise to all of is all about. Getting to the point of reconciling reincarnation with my Christian faith was a difficult and trying journey for me. But I have arrived.

We decided to share this story with the world because of the verifiable nature of tying my son to the life of James M. Huston and, at the same time, maintain the dignity of his life and that of my son.

During the past few days my family has been bombarded by numerous people who wish sensationalize this story including various media organizations who see it as worthy of air time. The science fiction network has also expressed interest.


During this bombardment were contacted by someone who we have now retained to preserve and protect the best interests of this family story.

Your passion for re-incarnation is well founded. I applaud it, but your use of the story of my family provides an expedient lift to the passion of your belief.

People with incredible talent who are helping us to maximize the benefit of this story for all of us. This means you too!! Carol Bowman knows me, ask her about the determination that got this story to where it is now. She has been very helpful to us, but the connection between James Leininger and James Huston resulted from the time and energy spent by my family to get to the answers that are quite definitive and have an immense potential impact on our culture.

I intend to carry a chevron forward on this experience. This story is much larger that you and I. So I hope you understand what I am saying. If you wish to call me I would be happy to talk with you. I am easily found. Please do not use this story right now.

Bruce Leininger
Message for Andrea and Bruce

Dear Andrea and Bruce,

By now you should have received a copy of my book, Someone Else's Yesterday in the mail. I hope that reading it will give you more insights into the workings of reincarnation and into who and what we really are. My story has a few laughs, a few tears and what I found to be a few "truths." Each of us must walk our own paths and find our own truths. I hope the book makes the path a little smoother for your journey. When the time is right, please pass the book on to James. If I can be of any further help to the two of you or your son my website is www.confederateyankee.net

Best wishes, Jeffrey Keene

We leave our mark on ourselves and those around us; so let us strive to use a gentle touch.

You are absolutely correct about Shalani Sharma. She deserves due credit for her initiative to suggest this to Primetime after 20/20 left it in limbo.

Thank you for your kind words. You well know how we feel about you. Your passion is undeniable and we applaud it.

We wish you only the very best.

Bruce Leininger

Sorry about the delay in responding to you. Our lives have gotten quite hectic since April 15.

Thank you for the comments about being poetic. I have written quite a body of poetry.

Yes, I am working on a book. It will a memorial tribute to 21 men who were lost while serving aboard Natoma Bay. The story of the ship will be integrated into the story of their brief lives. It will then dwell on the pain of loss to the families and how it affected them. It will be spiritual and historical.

All the very best to you,



I haven't been on the forum in a while but i did watch that primetime. I thought it was a great segmant. For james to be able to remember and keep saying stuff I found it amazing. That is sort of what I was like when i was a toddeler. I would always bring things up that my parents wouldn't know where i got it from. There was one time when me and my parents were driving home from my grandma's house and out of no where i said that "I have no kids". My parents didn't know what I was doing. A few seconds later i said ikt again. I wasn't even able to talk clearly and this came out like I was able to talk perfectly. I was'nt even one yet. I speak english but there was another time when I was about one I said a few things in french. My parents and I think that it was my mom's stepdad talking. We don't think that he was reincarnated as me because he was alive when i was born. But when I was six weeks old my mom's stepdad was really sick with cancer.So my mom flew me and herself to ontario so that he could see me. Three days after he saw me he died. We think he might have just been communicating through me. There has been lots of other weird things that had happened when i was that age. I don't know all of them and I forget what most of them are but there have been alot. I am psychic and am just starting to learn how to communicate with the other side. I am able to see spirits though. I know that in one of my past lives I was a sailor. I found this out in a dream and i new it was a past life. Last year I talked to a psychic who told me that it was a past life. That confirmed what I thought. When I woke up from the dream I was scared. I was only 11 and now I am 13. I was scared because when I woke up from my dream I saw everyone from my memory. That has left me thinking maybe the spirits who were in my memory hadn't chose to come back to life yet.

I just wanted to let you know some of my experiences. It's a good thing you found out that what James was saying was a past life and if there was any trauma that had carried over from that life it had probably healed.
Sixth Sense,

We were fortunate to have found Carol Bowman. He book helped us in our effort to help our son James. thi swa sour primary goal.
My obsession with seeking answers was based upon the few things he said that had some basis in fact. Iwo Jima, Jack Larsen and Natoma. When I discovered and verified the validity of all three, this whle experience turned int a compelling journey.

I was actually trying to refute all o fthi sas I began my search. But at every turn my effort resulted in confirming what my son was saying.

I do not beleive my son has had a unique experience; the only thing uniques is that I was stubbornly determined to find answers and never quit my search.

You may have said things similar to the things my son said, but they may have been missed by your parents.

We are glad our experience may be of some help to you as you confront your dreams.

All the very best to you.

Bruce Leininger
:) ;)
13 year old intuitive son:

:) :) :) Hi. I read your post-- My son is 13 years old too. He is also very intuitive. (I like to use that term, rather than psychic, personally.) :) I encourage you to stay close to God, to invite God to hold your hand, and to direct you in all ways. My son also see's ghosts, or spirits from time to time, but I don't think it's neccessiraly a good thing. But, at the same time, he is not afraid of them, but personally, as his mother, and as the mother of his four year old sister, I don't like the idea of ghosts or disembodied spirits hanging around. Jesus and the Hosts of the Lord, in Heavon, can be near us, and that is fine. It seems like you have a very strong calling for a purpose. It seems like my son is also a born leader, for a good purpose. Age 13, adolescences, is a very sensitive age. A very critical age. It is good to choose God-good, even as God-good has obviously chosen you. I dont' know all things. Neither does my son. My son has very good hearing and seeing. Take Care. It is good to ask God to direct you in all things, even as Carols book was very down to earth and very informative for me. Thank you. Prayer is good. Putting the "violet flame" of God-s forgiveness into the past history is good. Oceans of Violet flame! God's gift to us--forgiveness of the wounds and terrors of the past. Most Sincerely, Beauty.:)
Dear Beauty,

Thanks for your tempering words. This has been a long journey and the guiding hand of God has been sought by me every step of the way. Many prayers have been offered up about all of this. I had to reconcile what my son experienced with my faith. The fruit the tree bears is the true test. Without dwelling on the details God's work is being done.

My concerns were as you describe but all is well. Your concern is well founded and your prayers are a welcome gift.

Bruce Leininger
Dear Andrea and Bruce,
I recently caught the show on 60minutes (New Zealand version). It was very good and my congratulations to you both for the effort and the courage it took. It was very worthwhile and natural.

I have a couple of cautions to express with your permission. First is that everyone (knowingly or unknowingly) is involved in this journey – in itself such an experience is actually “everyday” so to speak. What makes your son’s case noteworthy is that it expressed itself so naturally as to be readily believable in the context of an English-speaking western culture. Now of course this will be both a blessing and a curse - blessing because James is now equipped to ask what all this means (in terms of his own life and being) secure in the context of family support. Curse because unless handled very carefully there is the risk that he may be victimised for straying from the popular belief of our times.

My own personal recommendation is for you as a family to keep your heads down for some time. I say this as I have guided two daughters and a wife into this area of insight but the lessons that derive there from are not for the world as a whole.
IMHO that is.
Goldenage's Wisdom is wise...

I wonder how Carol's children (I don't need to know personally), are handling their Mother's coming forward of their past-life memories from when they were little children. Do they embrace it now, that they are adults (are they adults now?)--or do they simply put it on a back shelf, not ready do deal with it at this time--something I would do, when I have enough to deal with in this life--never mind my past lives~-(although, yes, the seeds are here with me now, etc.)- Or, have they totally, at least for the moment, rejected their mother's work, and their childhood recollections. I do not think they have rejected the work.

But, I do know of a family, who had four children, and, both the mother and the father were far ahead of their time, in bringing forth this kind of insight and teaching into the world, etc. Their father, who was 20 years the senior of the mother, died of a stroke when the mother of the four children was just 33 years of age, (in 1972), and the youngest of their four precious children was just one years old or so~! On top of raising her children, the mantle of responsibilty of both of their mission was upon her shoulder, in addition to administring an organizaition, serving in leadership roles, and continueing her work as Minister, Healer, Preacher, etc etc. etc. I remember, rumour was in their community, in the Los Angeles area, when I was in my early 20's about the past lives of some of their children. I put it on the shelf, and, did not make too much of it, but observed the children growing up for many years--I lived near their community, and attended some services there on Sundays, and on Wednesdays night, and was part of a Fraternity associated with their order, that was dedicated to personal freedom, with included Freedom of Religion, and Freedom of all people and nations, etc.

In any event, as the story goes, when the movie Ghandi came out, their 16 year old, one of their daughters, was given a 'going out'--coming out party of sorts--there was a great teaching of both the blessing and the curse (?) aspect of this coming out... To the public of the announcement of someone's past life--especially concerning a famous person from the past (?)--- In any event, not this sister, but another sister (there were three sisters and one brother in this family)--in her early 20's ended up, at least for a season, 'rejecting' her mother and fathers work, and was paid by 'deprogrammers' huge sums of money to speak against her mother, etc, and the organization her mother and father founded upon a very solid rock. I also witnessed this girl growing up, and was able to hold her baby when her first born was about 9 months old or so, when she brought her to a day care I was working at for a short season.

This sister married early, at the age of 17, and was very tall and beautiful. Her past life-rumoured has something to do with one of are recent past presidents of the United States of America--this must have been a huge shoulder of responsibilty to bear when one was a teen, especially, when, in those days, the main stream media, speciffically, in Los Angeles, was very anti religion, and they tried to associate the world 'cult' with this organization, which, was very, very, sad. In any event, the teenage years were very difficult years for the children of this family.

Recently I met the Grandson of the Mother and Father whom I first spoke of, the son of the Son of the Family. He was in his late teens. We happen to chance meet at a hospital near my mother's house in the San Fernando Valley in L.A., when i was there because my little girl had fallen, and her nose was split open, and she needed stitches. In any event, I had also seen him, when he was about one years old. He barely knew of the work his grandmother and grandfather had done. We did not speak about reincarnation or karma, but he told me he was interested in going to school and taking up Philosophy--so, I thought that was good. :) Take Care.
Reincarnation Presentations, Expos, Conferences

Dear Deborah,

Thanks for your inquiry regarding the New Living Expo in San Francisco. I apologize for not responding sooner—I have gotten quite backed up on E-Mail. The SF expo has already taken place, but I will be speaking at the Health and Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa on Saturday, June 12, at 6 PM, in a tent next to the Well Being Pavilion. When I speak in the tent, I will know what it was like for Kate Fox/John Edward to tour with P.T. Barnum!!

I look forward to meeting forum members in the Sonoma, CA area who may be at the Health and Harmony Festival. A link to the event is provided below:


The next events take place in Colorado. I will be doing a presentation in Boulder on Sunday, June 27, at the Psychic Horizons Center. I will also be on the center’s cable TV show on Tuesday, June 29, which is entitled, “Your Psychic Horizons.” For more information, please go to:


The big event, of course, is the International Association of Regression Research and Therapies meeting, July 1-4, in Colorado Springs, at the Antlers Adam’s Mark Hotel. Carol Bowman will be there. In addition, Raymond Moody, Jeffrey Keene, Robert Snow, Bill Barnes, Julia Ingram, Judy Goodman and Michael Tamura will be participating as speakers or panelists. For more information, please go to:


I look forward to meeting forum members at these events.

Best Wishes, Walter
Hello Bruce.

I have to say, I hope your Bravery and Courage to show the world your experiences to the world will help change the climate in which I have to endure. For My Beliefs have gotten me in quite hot water with people. (I've been quite a mryter through out my lifetimes. Defied the catholic church as a priest, Fought in WWI in my Fourties For my love of Britain, ETC. This is nothing new for me)

I am wondering though. What kind of online resources did you use to come to discover these facts? Could you give me direct links?
I my self am searching for A Life time as a soldier in war time. Me and my buddies fought in WWII as Russians.
No such thing as coincidances

I am a hypnotherapist and was trained in Past Life Regressions, last August at the Omega Institute by Dr. Brian Weiss. That experience changed my life. I have been doing his technique in group past life regressions monthly in New Jersey. People come to my seminars for various reasons. Some come to experience a past life, some to share an interesting experience with friends or family, some come as skeptics and some even come to the seminar to "disprove" the existance of PL.
I believe the 20/20 show aired in April. I had just finished my latest PLR seminar and got home at about 9:50. I was beat and wanted to have a snack, watch some TV , shower and go to sleep. I was "flipping" and I don't usually watch 20/20 but you can't imagine how I felt when I flipped to channel 7 and heard "Do you believe in reincarnation? Do you think that after you die, you can come back into another body?" I almost fell out of my chair! I grabbed a blank video cassette and hit the record button and taped the whole amazing section. It was perfect! In my seminars and on my website www.hyp4life.com I discuss Carol's book along with "Many Lives, Many Masters" by Dr. Brian Weiss. If there is one thing that I have learned, it is that there is no such thing as coincidance.
During the next seminar I had one of those skeptics. He was questioning how anyone could "prove" in past lives or reincarnation. In the past I quoted Carol's book and tried to explain her detailed research on the subject, but instead I simply popped in my 20/20/tape and showed the group James' story and that skeptic's jaw dropped the same way James' father's did!! IT WAS GREAT!!
I would like to thank everyone involved for that show, it really got to people. By the way there weren't too many dry eyes in the seminar at the end of the video. James' story really brings it all home.
HI Andrea,

The link above is no longer valid. Are there any other links or sites with the information? Hope you and James are well and things are falling into place for you.

Merry Christmas!
I hear there will be a book soon about this case and Carol is writing the foreward. :D
James is 10 and a quarter now!

Does anyone know if he still has any memories or if any more of the story was resolved?
Hi Everyone,

The book will tell. It should be out by late spring or early summer 2010. It's called Soul Survivor.

James's memories have definitely faded, but they've persisted longer than most kids'. Occasionally, he'll still come up with a little gem, according to his parents.

It really is a remarkable story because of all the detail James remembered that could be verified by outside sources, and because James Huston's sister is still alive and was able to corroborate things James said about the family.

It's also a great story because Bruce didn't want to believe that James could be remembering a past life. He was trying to disprove James's memories but couldn't. I think that will speak to skeptics or anyone looking for some kind of proof of reincarnation.

It is an important story!
I just read about one of Dr Stevensons cases on another forum - some parallells with James's case in my mind:


\ said:
I met Dr. Stevenson when he came to Mexico to investigate the case of an 8-year-old boy who lived on a distant ranch where there was no television to influence his thinking. Still, he had dreams at night of being on a plane that was shot down by a boat in the water. His parents were frightened because he spoke while dreaming and they could not recognize the language. If they woke him up, he asked them who they were and insisted that they were not really his parents.
Stevenson recorded the boy speaking while dreaming and discovered that the child spoke perfect French. Later, using a book having all the uniforms of soldiers during WWII, the boy identified a French uniform even though the photos had no captions. The child drew the images of his dreams and the boat had a flag with a swatzika. He had never seen a WWII movie or had any reference to that time in history. The child, even while awake, said that the goal of his life was to "go back" to Paris. It was the year of the World Cup in soccer and he was rooting for France to win . . . . France did win.
France won in 1998. That's late in Stevenson's career - I guess the case hasn't been published?
Interesting for the xenoglossy, but not "solved".
Dr. Stevenson retired in 2002 and his last two books were published in 2001 and 2003, the second focusing on European cases- that might be a good starting off place to find that case.

I am also definitely planning on buying this newest book on James' experience. I am really looking forward to reading it.