Who do you want to meet in Heaven?

Discussion in 'Parapsychology' started by dking777, May 28, 2013.

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    My mother, who died when I was 23.

    My grandparents too.
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    Well, I want to meet God and ask a lot of questions that I have not found an answer when still living in the physical world.
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    This is just my opinion and personal experience but you don't have to wait to die to talk with God. As god already resides inside you now as you and all of life are apart of the source of all that is throughout the cosmos. You just need to quite your mind and go inward either thru meditation, contemplation, prayer or what ever method you use to speak with the divine. Your answers will come in many forms be it symbols within the mind, a flash of insight, a gut feeling or movement of emotions while listening to music ect... or perhaps as outward manifestation in your awaken world.

    For me it is thru vivid dreams, or occasional OBE's. But most of the time it has been while listening to some form of music that moves me in such a way that I get flash's of cosmic consciousness experience. This is hard to describe in human terms. It's as if my consciousness expands all at once and I become aware of different states of awareness that already exist inside me but most of the time I am not aware of it. But when I do there is a flood of information that comes to my conscious mind that its hard to process all at once. Yet on some level I understand the meaning of what is trying to be conveyed thru my human consciousness which is limited while I am incarnated. This is a very emotional experiences. Tears of pure utter joy and understanding as all the pieces of the puzzle come together.

    BT - Tokyo - YouTube

    Love and peace always.

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    I do agree with this, my own "personal experience but you don't have to wait to die to talk with God."

    I don't have any particular religion, but do agree there's no need to wait to talk with God. At least that has been my experience. Strangely enough, this really came to me at the same time as I started to uncover my own details of past lives. It had been kind of abstract or theoretical before that point. But during a time when I was struggling to make any kind of sense of this life, very difficult times when I felt I could not go on another day without some sort of explanation, I started to pray. I did not even believe in God. But I'd run out of other options.

    Sometimes I get answers in dreams, but other times the response is instantaneous, I mull over some problem or question and get an answer right away, just a thought coming into my mind. These things tend to come as a surprise, often a different way of looking at things is suddenly clear, and unexpected. Or just support, a kind of strength and encouragement, that is harder to describe as it is not words, but something else.

    Of course these topics are endlessly debated, and I'm not really looking to get into any long discussion, just to add my point of view.
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