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What does your user name say about you?


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I was looking back to see what my answer was to this thread, and it turns out I had never answered it. !!!

I started using the name 'inhaltslos' in 2006, when I was very first online. The year prior, I had gotten married and went to Germany for my honeymoon. A past life from there I had remembered since preschool hit me, now an adult who had been actively ignoring it, rather hard. I wanted to start an online journal to privately record my story and research, but needed a username. I had a German/English wordbook on my desk and started looking up the German words for all the things I was feeling. "Inhaltslos", the word for 'meaningless', I liked the looks and sound of, so I picked that.

I have been using this name in all reincarnation sites, but now I think maybe it's too 'emo' or that perhaps the meaning of the word is technically correct in German, but that the connotation or the way I use it, isn't. Another person with a similar past life told me that this word held a special significance to her, and that was nice to hear...

...but more often I hear that it's difficult to write, even once that it has 'too many vowels', hahah! Therefore most people call me 'Halts', so every time I see the word 'halt' or even a package of Halls coughdrops, I think of my username!


I'm called Jim78 after my grandfather Jimmy and my birth year of 1978. Nothing too complicated. My real name is a famous name though so I wouldn't use it online. People may think I have an affinity with my famous namesake when I was actually just named after my father.


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My username is AlexD after my past incarnation Alexandru. D was the initial of the family name.

Spirit Sword

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Mine is based off of something my spiritual mentor once said to me. After delving enough into my past identities, I noticed a nagging need to have a bladed weapon near me (which is not exactly legal in many situations in this era). I ended up buying a cheap prop sword at a costume shop and found that this need was greatly lessened. When I commented upon this, they said that my soul desired the concept of a weapon. Apparently, on a spiritual level, this counted as a real sword: my spirit's sword. Something about that phrase stuck with me.


I have used Mini Stargazer because I am an astrologer (have been for decades), involved in teaching and astrology readings, although now semi-retired. The name Mini is an old family nick name.


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Enyxis is a name that I had a long time ago. Very long time ago. Since then, I have had many. But this one just rings a special something inside.


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That I didn't know what else to call myself. Yvette is my middle name, and Bruneau was something a name generator suggested. Plus, I quite like the sound of it.

There and back again

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Chose this because it gets the point across and that I am a fan of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies, don't have to have the memories to know that your odometer has been rolled back more than once and many times.


just a fly in the sky
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No story. The word firefly popped into my head. This nickname was not accepted (someone else was first) and than another pop in the head: fireflydancing.
And I thought: yesssss
I liked the name inmediately.


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My real name is Ciro ['chee-raw] which is a form of Cyrus - the name of an ancient Persian King, and, also the name of a Christian Saint (one of the first Christians in Alexandria - Egypt, tortured and executed under the emperor Diocletianus).
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Should've been born a girl...
TheDivineOne =
Divine: Goddess-like
As for everything else, I don't know, really, I just like being thought of or called "The ________ One."


Should've been born a girl...
Hey there S&S

I'm actually about to post a new thread but my laptop was about to die (at the time of posting this response) and i keep having to borrow my mum's charger. But thanks! :)


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It means "knight" in German. I have been a knight quite a few times. It is an integral part of my being. I kill enemies of my people, plain and simple. It is because I believe the world ought to be beautiful and high-standing, not as it is now.


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My grandmother had a lot of thyme plants. When I was a little girl I always visited her house and smelled the plants. She always cooked with that ingredient, and until now when I have thyme in my hands and I smell the perfume of the plant, I remember those special moments with my grandmother. It's very emotional.


A True Viking/Medieval Person at my very heart!
Greetings Everybody!

I picked the username "VikingGirlTBird" because I really love the Vikings and because I am a girl (Even though I am a full grown woman/adult now because I am twenty-eight years old.). When I was thirteen years old, my best friend at the time gave me the nickname "VikingGirl!" because I really loved and was really into the Vikings (I still am by the way!).

I also decided to use and include the name "TBird!" in my username because (1.) My first name, Thea (Thea means Aunt in Greek even though I am actually not Greek or part Greek in this life.), starts with the letter T. (2.) People used to call me "TBird!" meaning, "Thunder Bird!", especially when I was little because they just really liked the name for some reason. (3.) My father gave me the nickname "Bird!" because he just likes the nickname "Bird!", even though it does not remind him of a actual bird when he says it and he did not picked it out for that reason either.

Peace! :) ;)


Mine is actually quite simple. I'm just really into fashion and the 1980s,so I just combined both in my username


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Hello, everyone!

Jaki is the name my teacher gave me when I took the Buddhist precepts.

Ja= love/heart, ki=heart energy


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I am curious why members pick the names they do. Is it your real name? A past life name? A symbolic name? What does your user name mean to you?

Mine - really is Deborah. :coffee:

Many years ago I was invited to have a native Indian vision quest done as I am part Cherokee Indian. Native Americans believe that we were put on Earth for a special reason, but we often do not know why and without this knowledge we feel lost and confused. That’s why Native Americans practice a vision quest that is meant to open the door to the spiritual world and help us find our path in life.

So I had one. During the vision I felt I was up among the stars but I kept seeing this one star that seemed brighter than all the other ones. At the time I did not know what it meant as I was a young man then. I also saw dolphins for some reasons. After the vision quest was over the Shaman informed me that the star I saw was the north star Polaris and that this was my spiritual name. So no matter where I was to go in life I was to follower the brightest star which was already within myself to guide me in life. Also my spiritual animal was the dolphin keepers of the spiritual portals between earth and the spiritual dimensions. They also represent balance and harmony because they are in tune with their instincts and very intelligent. Dolphins also symbolize resurrection and protection. They have a playful nature, which reminds us to approach life with a sense of joy and humor.



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Mine is a slightly modified past life name. I could only remember the first syllable of a Greek name from 32BC that began “SAR” so I just added onto to that.


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The reason why I chose my username. I was going to go with Denise_diva or visa versa but I got tired it. I enjoyed playing Assassin Creed games which I only played about 3 or 4 which are a bit difficult. Oddly enough my footsteps are quiet so I scare people sometimes. The anime part is from me watching anime as a child like Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, One Piece, and etc. I'm not a fan of DBZ but do enjoy Ghibli movies. I have watched all of them except When Maria was Here.
But I really don't assassin people even though I have thoughts occasionally and I don't want to act on them.


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Lost City of Tinnos is one of the last levels in Tomb Raider 3. My older sister used to play this game all the time when I was like 6 years old, and I liked watching it. I kept seeing symbols and things in dreams and wondering where they came from, and it wasn't until I picked up the game for myself to play it that I realized- so many of those things I had seen were from this one small part of one small game I used to watch other people playing when I was younger.
It's a reminder that symbolism seen in dreams or memories, that might feel significant, may just be from a source you least expect and not necessarily some past life.

...and also, I liked the game.


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Mine was a bit random, but I did think about it first. I'd been considering the names of plants or trees or herbs or flowers, things like parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, or oak, ash, elm. Speedwell is the name of a small blue flower. Flowers are often used as girls' names, think of Daisy or Rose, but that didn't bother me. What was more interesting was that a lot of plants or herbs have old names with half-forgotten meanings, I didn't want to accidentally pick something dark or sinister. I was looking for hope and optimism. It turns out that speedwell is related to expressions like 'farewell' or 'God speed', it is a way of wishing someone a safe and fruitful journey.

There is another meaning, one which has long been familiar to me. Not so many miles away, in the Derbyshire Peak District, there are old mine workings as well as natural caverns, with some charming names. The "Speedwell Cavern" goes deep underground, and there it is possible to take a trip on a small boat. That has always sounded both mysterious and magical to me, so it adds an extra resonance.

May I wish everyone a good journey!